Four routes unveil the beauty of Chongqing
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26th June 2018


It is the central district and heart of Chongqing city. It is the capital of the city and the political, economic, and entertainment center of the city of Chongqing. Located in the central portion of Yuzhong, the Jiefangbei CBD is a leading business and financial centre of western China, the “3,000 year-old Jiangzhou City, 800 year-old Chongqing, and 100 year-old Jiefangbei.” What comes to mind when you think of the Yuzhong District? Let's take a look at four tour routes of Yuzhong you give you some ideas!

Route 1

Historical reliving in Yuzhong city: memorize the time in a passion way

Route details: Chongqing Anti-Japanese Financial Institutions Complex (Wartime Capital Financial Center, site of China's Five Major Banks)→ Jiefangbei (the only monument in China that commemorates the victory of the Anti-Japanese War)→ The site of the Xinhua Daily's Sales Department (CCP’s Anti-Japanese war propaganda front)→ Zou Rong’s Memorial Monument (the first person from Chongqing to write a revolutionary chapter in the history of modern China) → Soong Ching Ling Hall of Residence (former headquarters of China Defense League) → Jiaxi Village (the most beautiful lane in Chongqing) → Zhongshan 4th Road (Command Center of the Far East Battlefield of the World Anti-Fascist War) → History Exhibition Hall of the Chinese Democratic Party (the only First-Class National Museum of the National United Battle Front System)→ Liziba Anti-Japanese War Relic Park (Chongqing's first anti-Japanese war relic park)→ Hongyan Village (where the Hongyan Revolutionary Spirit remains)

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Route 2

Fantasy wandering: the most shinning illusions in the “Magic city”

Route details: Rail Transit Line 2 Liziba Station (where the,light rail goes through a building) → the old block of three-story roads (the best representation of the “Stereo City”) → Huangguan Escalator (Asia's longest grade 1 escalator) → the third walking trail of Chongqing (a river-view trail road on the cliff) → Kaixuan Road Elevator (China's first urban passenger elevator) → Chongqing World Financial Center Observation Deck (the first viewing platform in a tall building in western China) → Yangtze River Cableway (the “bus” in the air)→ Two Rivers Tour (panoramic Chongqing night view)

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Route 3

Food tasting: food and distant places that will never fail to whet your appetite

Route details: Jiaochangkou (Xiaobinlou, Shunqing Mutton Restaurant, Qiu Er Guan Cuisine) → Bayi Road Food Street (Haoyoulai Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, Chongqing small Tangyuan, Les Champs libres) → Hongyadong (Yang’s Longfu, Zhiyanhe Pier Hot Pot) → Guanyinyan (Xiaoyu Hot Pot, Chunyang Restaurant) → Lianglukou (Pangmei Noodle Restaurant, Old Time Dongting Hotpot, Lin Mei Mei Rice Noodle Restaurant) → Zhongshan 4th Road (Xiayangyang, Jiuyuan Steamed Restaurant) → Liziba (Liangshan Chicken, Rice with Tea, Flower-like Squid)→ TESTBED2 Cultural and Creative Park (Xianan Avenue, Dawang Youcha) → Longfor Paradise Walk (Tao Su, Metem Psychosis, Hudiemeng, Hegui, Nice Meeting You)

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Route 4

Travel with the Subway: the most rewarding trip if you want to fall in love with the city

Route details: Rail Transit Line 2 Jiaochangkou Station (Chongqing Bombing Site)→ Daxigou Station (formerly Daxigou Power Plant Site, Zhang Family Garden Trail)→ Zengjiayan Station (People's Auditorium, Three Gorges Museum, Zhongshan Fourth Road) → Liziba Station (where light rail passes through the building, Liziba Anti-Japanese War Site Park, Flying Tigers Exhibition Hall, Stilwell Museum) → Daping Station (Qipaifang Historical Park, Longfor Paradise Walk) → Transfer to Rail Transit Line1→Eling Station (TESTBED 2 Cultural and Creative Park, Three-story Road)→Lianglukou Station (Huangguang escalator, Skydiving Tower)→Qixinggang Station (Bodhi Vajra Tower, Printing Factory I Backstreet Film Park, Yanzi Guest House)

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