Get a Close Contact with Sika Deer in Yanglu Mountain

08th August 2018


Located in Beiyikou Village, Shuanghekou Town,Banan District, the Yanglu Mountain has a forest coverage of more than 45%, and its average temperature in summer is 27℃. With many mountains at its east and flatland at its west, the Mountain is blessed with unique landscape and is an ideal place for short trip on weekend.


The landforms of rock valley in Yanglu Mountain contribute to lots of caves such as Piba Cave, Lingzhi Cave and Shiniu Cave. Among which the Piba Cave is the most famous one, with a legend that a fair lady coming down to earth from heaven, holding an instrument of Piba. It is the largest cave with music inside the cave, and has unique landscape of three layers, with 3000 meters in its length. While it is extremely hot in the downtown of Chongqing, the Pipa Cave is still embracing people with cool temperature, being the top place for summer escape.


Deer are unique scenery in Yanglu Mountain, so it is a must-do thing to get a close contact with those lovely deer. Feel free to take selfies with the adorable animals, and be kind and friendly to our special friends. Due to its privileged ecological environment, Yanglu Mountain is the most beautiful farm of sika deer in the area of southwest.


Besides, there is a royal tribute tea garden in the Yanglu Mountain. Walking in the tea garden is like being in the ocean of tea plants, with the fragrance of tea floating everywhere.


Driving Route
Expressway around the city – Panlong Interchange – Pipa Cave
Bus Route
Bus from Sigongli Bus Hub to Shuanghekou; or Bus from Mudong Bus Hub to Shuanghekou




此外,還可以去皇家貢茶園走走。身處茶山之中,仿若置身於一片茶的海洋 ,天地之間仿佛都是茶的清香。


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