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Tulips Await You in Garden Expo Park

12th March 2018



Garden Expo Park is a wondrous garden where tens of thousands of magic elves sleep together and waken up by the sign of thriving spring. Once the March is approaching and weather gets warmer, the annual "Admire Spring Flowers & Tour Garden Expo Park" began to welcome visitors since March 8. 53 fascinating days is not only filled with magnificent blossoming flowers, but also include ten activities in three chapters at the Garden: the Eco-windmill Festival, the Grassland Concert and the Campus Singer Contest.Come and spend your spring time here!


One hundred thousand tulips lead the riot of color at the Expo.


Gift-from-Nature-Tulips-Await-You-in-Garden-Expo-Park-2Photo from: Xinhua News

Since opening, Chongqing Garden Expo Park has enjoyed tremendous popularity from its rich natural & cultural landscape as well as various cultural activities. As one of the activities, the "Admire Flowers & Tour Garden Expo Park" has entered the sixth year and is welcomed by many tourists. Admiring the spring flowers at Garden Expo Park has become a must-do program for many Chongqing people.


The "Admire Flowers & Tour Garden Expo Park" activity this year will be held from March 8 to May 1, a total of 53 days. Due to the warmer weather, ten thousand plants, including camellias, rhododendrons, magnolia, Hanxiao and Hongyeli, have entered into the full flowering season. They compete for beauty and present a visual feast for visitors. In the much-loved Wetland Flower Valley Scenic Area, the tulip and corn poppy exhibition "Spring Rhyme" will open on March 8.



By then, in 100,000 square meters of flower valley, more than 100,000 colorful tulips and corn poppies will present a “sea” of flowers. Looking at it from afar, the “sea” of flowers is extremely spectacular. Particularly worth mentioning is that from the end of March through mid April, 1000 Japanese late cherry flowers located at the 1.5 km long Cherry Blossom Avenue of Huicui Garden will display their beauty. Among the flower sea, visitors can enjoy the romantic beauty of the rain of flying cherry blossoms.


The sea of windmill accompanied by music: providing ancient time experience



In addition to enjoying the colorful flowers, Garden Expo Park Management Office has also launched ten activities such as Eco-park Windmill Festival, collecting "likes" to win gifts and "Sansheng Sanshi" meeting to satisfy the various needs of visitors in different ages. Beginning March 16, there will be more than 200,000 handmade windmills and wind chimes of various shapes on display at the main square, east gate plaza, Daba Lounge Bridge and other places. When the spring breeze blows, the colorful windmills turn in the wind and wind chimes make beautiful melodies, which will attract tourists by giving them a wonderful song.



During the activity period, the lawn concert "Spring Chapter" will be held on the East Gate lawn, art square and outdoor theater from 13:30 - 15:00 every Saturday. Professional bands will be invited to bring flowing performances to create an ultimate feast for the eyes and ears of audiences. In addition, in order to increase visitor interaction, the ticket officers dressed in ancient costumes will provide costume rental services to help visitors experience the ancient era "tour".


From: Hello Chongqing

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