Gingko, Gingko

Nothing Shades Your Golden Yellow

6th December 2017


Gingko, Gingko-Cover

If I compared Chongqing in summer to bloody red, would anyone
Then how about autumn?
Probably dull gray, with continues rainy day or ever-lasting overcast sky.

Gingko, Gingko-1

But rain will stop and sun pops
its head out sooner or later, that’s when you step outside gaping at Chongqing in golden yellow .

Gingko, Gingko-2

Gingko, mostly falling down on December before turning into yellow from green,
is widely spread in Chongqing main city or counties.
Whenever weather fits, put your boots to the test on some of this city’s tranquil terrain.

Tianxin Temple, Ba’nan

Gingko, Gingko-3

Suitable for peace-seeker, this temple receives limited visitors,
you could do meditation amid pavilions or chat with the keeper, maybe just stay in a haze...

Gingko, Gingko-4

To hold hands around this 500-year-old and biggest gingko tree in Ba’nan,
at least 4 people are required. Not only provide unrivalled views,
but also this tree pays back neighborhoods with hundreds catty of gingko seeds.

Ticket: Free    Location: Lianhua Mountain, Tianxingsi County, Ba’nan

Jinyun Temple, Beibei

Gingko, Gingko-5

The origin of Jinyun Temple can be pinned to AC 423. Half of the ancient
shrine is covered by two gingko trees rising high into the sky.

Gingko, Gingko-6

Ticket: 15 RMB / Person     Location: Wentang Gorge, Jialing River, Beibei

Chongqing University Huxi Campus

Huxi campus is completely immersed into golden yellow. Rushing students tread on gingko
leaves all the way to classrooms. Ride on a self-service bicycle,
college years come to alive almost at once.

Gingko, Gingko-8

Ticket: Free    Location: Chongqing University Huxi Campus, Shapingba

Hong’ensi Park

Gingko, Gingko-9

Guanhong Avenue is well-known for the most densely gingko distribution in main city,
with 12 meters beyond gingko replaces all the border trees.

Gingko, Gingko-10

Ticket: Free    Location: Hong’ensi Forest Park, Jiangbei

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