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Leisure Flower Market

1th February 2018


花鳥市場承載著我們的記憶 有兒時買花買魚的歡欣 有週末遛鳥淘寶的閑趣 有閒暇生活的絲絲浪漫

Bird and flower market, a place bears lots of memory The joy about selecting flower and fish The leisure about entertaining birds The rare romance in free time

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現在很多人依舊 喜歡去逛逛花市 在城市裏尋覓一處盎然生機

Still, some rushing citizens enjoy Hanging out in flower market Trying to catch a breath Seeking a trace of exuberant vitality

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Last month, the Wanghai Flower Market in Jiangbei District relocated to somewhere else. So far a full 17 years of companionship as well as life habits of a whole generation have turned into memories. Now, Wanghai Flower Market moved to Hongfan Wanghai Flower City. Chongqing Hongfan Wanghai Flowers City is also known as the Chongqing Flower Harbour, much larger than the size of Wanghai Flower Market is.

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The flower market is located in Phoenix Bay, Hongfan Road, available to reach by taking the bus then getting off at Hongfan Road Station. After passing through the steps of the pedestrian entrance there is a flat ground, a field of rainbow fresh flowers and a windmill, bringing the spring atmosphere.


Going up forward is the flower sales area, combing by some small stores painted in red and yellow exterior paint, with a lighting shed behind each store, ensuring that the plants do not sell temporarily are able to absorb plenty of sunshine.

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Lovely flower markets provide all kinds of blooms and succulent plants.

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Decorate your house with a pot of flowers and decrease the cold.

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Address: Hongfan Road, Jiangbei District
Bus: Take No.545 or No.846 and get off at Hongfan Road Yuewan North District.

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