Go and Check the Exquisite Riverview Restaurant Restaurants

17th July 2018


Grassland and Sea

The designing tone of the hall and private rooms of restaurant is light green, with a beige lighting, the whole western decoration and American decoration mixed together, which gives the modern and old-school feeling.

Outside the restaurant there are outdoor chairs for resting and with a good view to the river scene, it’s really good to invite your friends to go there and enjoy the breeze comes from the river in the morning, while seeing the night view in the evening.


Address: Jiulong Bingjiang Square



As a hotel in an 8D magic city, its offer you scenes of 3 mountains and 2 rivers in Chongqing, besides it, it’s a feast vision plus 5 star experience. In there, the hotel provides more than 33 various kinds of seafood such as Boston lobster, abalone, golden scallop and Paralithodes camtschatica one etc, which you can eat as many as you want.

Address: The Jiefangbei CBD

Jiuchongtian revolving restaurant


The revolving restaurant can make you see the 360-degree view of Jiefangbei, which you will be attracted by the lighting and views of this city. The Sichuan and Cantonese foods there is mediocre, but if you go there, you must choose the seats by the window in order to enjoy the special view.

Address: Jiefangbei

Gainian 98 Wenhuaketing

Located in basement 1 floor, which next to river. It’s the place where you can enjoy the scene of the river and Hongyadong. Every scene around you can be described as the beautiful scenery.

The restaurant was founded in 1998, has became a business card of Chongqing, with exquisite French designing elements and charming blues music there. It attracts most major celebrities to visit due to its perfect location.

Address: Next to Hongyadong


餐廳大廳與包房主要以淡綠色為主調,配上暖黃的燈光,歐式典雅與美式潮流范兒的風格時尚又復古。店外面靠江邊還有露天休閒座椅,望江視線很好,白天約上朋友閑坐,吹吹江風,晚上燈光美景,車來車往,確是一番愜意。 尋找方向:九龍濱江廣場


作為8D魔幻城市的酒店,三山兩江瓊樓盡在視野,可謂一線視覺+五星體驗。33種海鮮不限量,波士頓龍蝦、鮑魚、牡丹蝦、黃金扇貝、阿拉斯加蟹腿、南極紅蝦、老虎蟹、直徑達一米的海鮮大蒸籠、莫瑞頓灣蟲尾蝦,現開的海膽生吃,你想來幾個都行。 尋找方向:解放碑商圈


解放碑的夜景,旋轉一周落到每個哢哢角角,霓虹曼妙,引人沉醉。川粵菜系,味道無功無過,但是一定要坐靠窗的位置,這才叫享受。 尋找方向:解放碑


這是一家位於洪崖洞負一樓江邊的餐廳,低頭是潺潺的江水,抬頭是動畫裡的洪崖洞,身邊一切無一不是美景。 辦於1998年的概念98·城市文化客廳已成為重慶的一張名片,精緻典雅的法式空間設計,極具魅力的藍調音樂。絕佳的位置優勢也吸引了馮小剛、張國立、張一白等大牌明星的到來 尋找方向:洪崖洞附近

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