Go to appreciate the charming home-stay in Chongqing

20th July 2018


In recent days, the weather is almost the hottest in summer, Have you thought to get away from this heat

Now, it’s no need to go to other places to feel the cool temperature. In Chongqing, you can counting stars while enjoy the World Cup Let’s go and check these places out.

Nanzhishan book club


Located in Nanshan, which is richly endowed by nature and culture, it’s not only a book club for readers but it also a popular home stay to provide to clients.


There are 8 rooms in total, with themes including movies, comics, literature, architecture design and music art, though the designing of each room is based on simplicity and they are not equipped with TVs. It can encourage people to engage in reading more, and enjoy the scenery of Nanshan.

(Nanzhishan Origin) No.99 GongyuanBei Road, Nanshan street, Nan’an District, Chongqing city
(Nanzhishan Mini forest) No.128 GongyuanBei Road, Nanshan street, Nan’an District, Chongqing city

023-62640329(Origin);023-62757626(mini forest)

Jinyun Home stay

Located in Jinyun Mountain, Beibei District. The home-stay is transformed from the earth house, where you can all the poetic elements, since it has been built, the place just have gained it’s popularity among local people.

The home-stay is a a traditional three-section compound, which faces to valley of the mountain, it consists of 2 small buildings and a row of bungalow and a platform for enjoy the view and a cobblestone court yard.


In here, you can enjoy the tranquility of countryside and the beauty of nature.

Address: Towards west from Hanshe Mountain villa, Jinyun Mountain, Beibei District, Chongqing city
Contact: 023-68203444

Taohuayuan Home-stay

The Taohua yuan located In the depth of Huanggua Mountain, Yong Chuan district. Due to its location, it attracts most of the people to discover the mystery of this land.


In Taohuayuan, There are many gardening architecture blocks. The main feature is a folk house from Eastern sichuan. There is also a home-stay for clients. It is consists of a lake view villa, several quadrangles, and other villas.

It’s the good place to enjoy the mountain view while have tea in quadrangles.

Address: Weixing Lake,Baiyancao,Huangguan Mountain, Yongchuan District, Chongqing City
Contact: 023-49688878

Qingshanxiaoyin Home-stay


Located In the old village along the river near the green mountain

When touring around this place, you will find almost everything are made of camphor tree, from furniture to accessories, which gives the unique scent to every clients.

Here, you can find the sense of belonging of the family.

Address: Inside the Shangguchun scenic spot, Qingshan Lake, Wansheng Province
Contact: 023-81711758

Guanshanshe Home-stay


Located in Ciqikou, it’s built by a group of high educated artists and architects.

Transformed from 4 stories house, it took the owner 5months to refurbished 2 stories of them. Every details in this home-stay are well chosen by themselves.

At present, the 2 floors which the first floor is a dining and drink area and the second floor which is a home stay and public exhibition area respectively.

It’s not only a place for clients to live, but its also a platform for making friends and share interesting ideas. Even you can learn some skills, such as photograph and drawing etc.

Address: No.18 Jinbi Centre street, Ciqikou Shapingba District, Chongqing City
Contact: 18580399899

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