Go Wander in these Parks
Along Light Rail

10th May 2018


What will you do if you have limited time but want to have a tour on weekend? The following parks are recommended for you, and you can take light rail or subway to get there.


Pipa Mountain Park



With luxuriant bamboos, trees and flowers, Pipa Mountain Park is like an oasis in the center of Chongqing. In addition to viewing flowers, it is also a good place to enjoy the night view of Chongqing. The famous Hongxing Pavilion is on the top of the mountain and you can view the sceneries of the east, west and north side. The Zhongshan 4th Road under the mountain is also popular.


Route: Take Line 1 to Qixinggang Station, walk to Zhongshan Road and walk for about 20 minutes to Pipa Mountain Park.



Just as its name implies, this is a park themed on Chinese virtues. The characters on stone pillars and stone stairs are perfectly combined with the landscape of the park. There are a few visitors and when you are surrounded by plants, you can also smell the fragrance of grass.


Route: Take Line 2 to Ping’an Station and walk for about 300m.


Bijin Park



Bijin Park is well-known for its flourishing plants and green lake. People can boat on the lake while viewing the scenery along the lakeshore. There is a Chongqing folk culture village in the park, which shows the charming “old culture”.


Route: Take Line 3 to Bijin Station and walk to the park.


Bawenhua (Ba Culture) Park



Located in Longzhouwan New Area, the Park is themed on “Ba Culture” and displays history from Ba ethnicity to Ba County to Ba'nan over 3,000 years through stone carvings and circular engravings. In the park, you can experience the essence of Ba culture and view beautiful scenery.


Route: Take Line 3 to Dashancun Station and walk for about ten minutes.


Dalong Mountain Park



Dalong is not a large park and its main part is a hill. Not far from Panlongxi, it is a treasured place in the concrete forest. There is a Longfa Temple in the park with constantly burning candles. Most visitors to the park are nearby residents. You may take families to have a picnic there on a fine day.


Route: Take Line 5/6 to Dalongshan Station and walk to the park.


Jiangyucheng (River and City) Park



This is not a famous park, but there is clean water, beautiful scenery and large space. What's more, children can play in the sand there. It is a sports park and people can play soccer, football and other sports there. On the way back you can go to the new flower market.


Route: Take Line 6 to Dazhulin and walk for about 15 minutes.


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