Golden Rapeseed Flowers

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10th March 2018


Spring returns to the earth, and everything comes back to life. The rapeseed flowers at Guangyang Island are in full bloom. So, how about enjoying them with your families or friends?


Golden Rapeseed Flowers-1

At Guangyang Island, you may be surprised by a cloud of yellow rapeseed flowers. The spring breeze and warm sunshine provide the best ground for flowers to be in full bloom.


The rapeseed flower has a light green bud with four square yellow petals, and stands waist high. While the rapeseed flower is very ordinary, a garden of them are pretty. Beautiful scenery forms with the combination of the spring breeze, singing birds, and busy bees.


Golden Rapeseed Flowers-2

Along with the fields of pretty rapeseed flowers, the grass lands and roads along Guangyang Island are very attractive too. You can see the flowers and ride on a bicycle, enjoying the pink buds and green branches.


Golden Rapeseed Flowers-3

Currently, there are 2,000mu of blooming rapeseed flowers which will last for just one month. The rapeseed flowers activity was officially launched on Monday, March 5.


Route: Take Line 6 to Changshengqiao Station, walk about 140m to Tongjiang Avenue Station 4, and take Bus 176 to Tongjiang Avenue Station 6.


Attention:It is a river island which is close to the downtown area and the largest river island of Chongqing. You can drive or take bus to appreciate the rapeseed flowers. Note that you should avoid rush hour if you are going to Guangyang Island on weekend.

注意事項:這是重慶靠近市中心最大的河流島嶼。您可以開車或乘坐巴士前去賞花。 不過注意,如果您週末去的話最好避免高峰時間。

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