Grape Picking Places For This Summer

17th July 2018


Summer is the great season for grape ripening, the colors of each grapes looks like jade and crystal under the Sun.

At this time imagine having a watery grape in this summer is very delicious and can lead you to endless aftertastes. So let’s check these popular grape-picking places out in this city.

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Xipeng Grape Garden

It’s a eco-sightseeing vineyard, with the distinctive design elements and reasonable price for picking. The whole area of the Vineyard is more than 3000Mu, with more than 20 varieties grapes and the total output is 3,000,000Jin, In there, all you can see is the grape trees, why not bring a basket and a pair of scissors to get there with a piece of joyful mind.

Address: Inside the Zhenwugong village, Xipeng Town, Jiulongpo District

Route: From Center city to Huafu Road and turn left at Huafu Road crossing

Time: 23rd June to 31st August

Xiang’s Grape Garden

There are two Grape bases in Chongqing, one is in Wanzhou province, and other is in Xipeng, Jiulong Po district. The grapes, which come from the bases are well chosen from foreign countries to cultivate the most delicious ones. With various kinds and shapes of grapes, you can find you favorite there.

Address: Inside the Zhenwugong village, Xipeng Town, Jiulongpo District/Xintian Town, Wanzhou district Chongqing city

Price: 25RMB/Jin minium

Route: Center city- Innerring Expressway- Yuyi Expressway- Yangtze toll station-Wanchuan Avenue-wanzhou

Jianglaoyao’s Grape Garden

With more than 10 years experience in gardening, even in local areas, the Grape garden gains a little fame among others. Besides fruit picking, they also provide the fishing pond for those visitors who are fond of fishing, each grapes in the vineyard must meet the strict requirements for quality, for those are not reach the standard, they never sell it to the market. Every grape in the vineyard can be guaranteed without using any chemical or additives.

Address: Hufeng Village, Jinfeng Town, Baishiyi Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

Route: Center City- Chengyu Expressway- Get off at BaishiYi Exit- JinFeng

Price: 10RMB-20RMB/Jin

Time: From June- August

Wuxiaoping’s Grape Garden

Currently, there are 3 bases for Wuxiaoping’s Grape garden, which located at Yinglong, Nan’an district, Daguan Nanchuan and Xicang, Sichuan repesctively. All of the soils in each garden come from turfy soil; also it is the first one to implement standardized management and routing management, which takes the lead in the grape industry.

Address: Beidou village, Yinglong Town Nan’an District

Route: Centre city- Sigongli Interchange- Former Jiangnan Toll Station to inner ring- Get off at Chayuan- Changshengqiao Town- Yinglong Town

Price: 30RMB-60RMB/Jin

Time: July

Kangran Mountain Villa

With the output of about 40,000 jin in total, there are five kinds of grapes, some of them are rare species in Chongqing city. It’s not a place for grape picking, but also you can sightseeing and taking pictures in front or windmills.

Address: Shipan Village, Tiaodeng Town, Dadukou District

Time: Centre city- Inner-ring Express Way- Xicheng Aveune-Xiangfu Road-Kang ran resort hotel



西彭葡萄園屬觀光生態型葡萄園,設計富有特色,而且在這裡採摘比較便宜。這裡有超3000畝的葡萄田,有20個品種的葡萄,總產量達300萬斤,漫山遍野都是葡萄樹。看到這千畝的葡萄連成片,是不是非常有感覺呢?帶上一把小剪刀,挎上一個小籃子,採摘的喜悅分分鐘就來了。 採摘地址:九龍坡區西彭鎮真武宮村內 採摘路線:主城開車過去走華福路,到了華福路口往左轉(西彭方向) 採摘時間:6月23日持續至8月31日


向葡萄有兩個基地:萬州和九龍坡西彭。他們基地從國外的優良品種中精選出最香、最甜、最奇的十多個品種,然後進行搭配種植。 採摘地址:九龍坡區西彭鎮真武宮村內/重慶市萬州區新田鎮 採摘價格:最低25元/斤 自駕路線:主城—內環高速—渝宜高速—長江大橋收費站—万川大道—萬州


老闆蔣老麼做了近10年的果園種植,在當地都是小有名氣的口碑果園。除了採摘水果,同時果園還為垂釣愛好者提供垂釣場地。他們園區對葡萄的品質有嚴格的要求,對達不到無公害標準的葡萄,絕不出售。水果都是自然生長成熟,未使用任何催熟、催長藥物,綠色天然。 採摘地址:重慶九龍坡區白市驛金鳳鎮虎峰村 自駕路線:主城—成渝高速—至白市驛出口下高速—金鳳 採摘價格:10元-20元/斤 採摘時間:6月—8月


吳小平葡萄目前一共有三個基地,分別在南岸迎龍、南川大觀、四川西昌。所有果園種植基地全部採用草炭土作為種植土壤,率先實施了標準化管理和流程化生產,在行業中處於領先地位。。 採摘地址:南岸區迎龍鎮北斗村 自駕路線:主城—四公里立交—原江南收費站上內環—茶園下道—長生橋鎮—迎龍鎮 採摘價格:30/斤--60元/斤 採摘時間:7月份


園裡葡萄總產量約40000斤,共有五種葡萄這些品種在重慶市面上都是難得一見的。這不僅僅可以摘葡萄,還可以賞風景、風車前自拍。 採摘地址:大渡口區跳蹬鎮石盤村 採摘時間:主城-內環高速-西城大道-祥福路-康然度假村

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