Intoxicated In Dreamlike Soft Rime

Huiqian Liangzi National Forest Park

11th January 2018



Visitors are enjoying the stunning scenery of soft rime in Huiqian Liangzi National Forest Park, Qianjiang District.

Intoxicated In Dreamlike Soft Rime-1


These days, affected by cold air, the Huiqian Liangzi National Forest Park, which is 1800 meters above sea level, has turned into a winter wonderland where soft rime and ice flower can be found everywhere, attracting tourists come and visit one after one.

Intoxicated In Dreamlike Soft Rime-2


When countless water vapour continuously accumulates, freezes and adhere to trunks before it’s condensed under zero degree Celsius, peculiar soft rime scenery would show up. Soft rime doesn’t belong to ice or snow, and it’s available only in freezing rain instead of snow. We could experience this natural splendor in the well-known poem of litterateur Zhangdai (Late Ming Dynasty and Early Qing Dynasty) Watching Snow At Huxing Pavilion:

Soft rime enshrouds the misty water, the sky, the clouds, the mountain, the lake, are all just as white.

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