It’s Better to Take Photo of Lizaba with “Soul of Rock”

09th August 2018


“It looks better to take photo of the train of Line 2 together with the relief under the train.” More than 10 tourists were standing near Liziba Station of Line 2 and are looking for the best shooting angle at 10:00 am. The relief of “Soul of Rock” under the station attracted lots of tourists.


The relief is an important part of Liziba Station. To provide a chance for tourists to take the most beautiful pictures of Chongqing, the Municipal Management Bureau of Yuzhong District recently implements renovation, rehabilitation works and seepage prevention.

Many measures are taken to renovate relief with brilliance.


It is reported that the relief “Soul of Rock” was created by the famous artist Jiang Bibo about ten years ago. It shows the unique Bayu culture of Chongqing, mainly including two interfaces: the picture, describing pedestrians standing on the bridgehead, looking at the city and locating near the ground, is created by practical technique; a portrait, created by shape of the rock on the site, is located in the upper part and vividly shows the relationship of human and the ground.

To improve the image quality of Liziba Station, the Yuzhong Municipal Facilities Maintenance and Management Center decided to renovate the relief “Soul of Rock” in May this year.

According to field statistics, there are 35 kinds of color of the relief. Most of the colors on the relief need to be mixed on the site according to some ratio, which makes the work more difficult.

At the same time, marbles, cultural stones, glasses and other materials need to fund for the relief “Soul of Rock”. However, officers can’t find the same kind of materials in all construction material markets of the main urban areas. To make the relief better, they have to draw pieces of tiles on the wall by brushes.

“We always worry whether it will rain, so we have to focus on weather forecast every day in those days.” An officer, participating in renovation work, told the reporter that a sudden rain had a significant impact on brush ready pigments with rain in the afternoon on June 11th. With such a terrible experience, they have to choose sunny days to color the relief.

It took 55 days to renovate the relief, and overcame so many difficulties. It adds colors to Liziba Station.



多項措施並舉 重現浮雕光彩








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