Jinyun Mountain
One-day Trip

12th April 2018


Chongqing is a mountainous city, and mountain climbing is a favorite local pastime for weekend exercise and entertainment excursions. There are many places for hiking in Chongqing, but Jinyun Mountain is among the best. Jinyun Mountain Nature Reserve Park is located on the peak of the Jinyun Mountain, of which the Lion Peak overlooks the entire Beibei district, go on a clear day to get a great view of the city.


There are three options for climbing Jinyun Mountain, one is to take the gymnasium ladder, which is located at the intersection of Qingyun Road and Jinyun Avenue, and can be found using either Baidu or Google Maps.

爬上縉雲山有三種選擇,一種是走健身梯道步行登山,位於清雲路和縉雲大道的丁字路口,你也可以用百度或者Google Map定位到縉雲山健身梯道。

Continue to climbing once you see the following picture.



The second way is to take the cable way, and the third choice is to drive along the winding mountain road. Three ways different ways can bring you different sightseeing. A mountain climbing excursion here takes at least 2 hours and requires some physical strength. If you become too tired, it is recommended to take the cable way, as the scenery is very good or, on a clear day, taking a taxi or driving yourself are also pleasant, as you can see the beauty of the sunshine through the woods.



After reaching Jinyunshan National Reserve Jinyun Mountain Park, you also need to walk about half an hour to reach the summit of Lion Peak. Lion Peak is the highest viewing platform on Jinyun Mountain Park, from which you can see the entire Beibei District.



You will pass Jinyun Temple as you go down the hill, a traditional Buddhist temple in Chongqing that is quiet, and located near some hotels.



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