Landscape over Rooftops
Another Angle to See this City

07th May 2018


When you view scenery from the roof, you may find the most beauty is actually on the roof. According to the Incentives for Social Greening issued by Yuzhong District, citizens are encouraged to participate in the city greening by roof greening, vertical greening and so on. And the green landscaping on rooftops is a part of the spring scenery of Chongqing.



On the roof of the Metropolitan of Jiefangbei at Yuzhong District, there is a little-known “sky garden”, brimming with green plants. The sunshine casts mottled shadows among the leaves.



Just men prefer mountain, while wise men prefer river. Encompassing high-rise’s inverted reflections in the limpid water is real but looks like a fantasy. Then a group of fancy carps swim nearby, mixing up various color, and leave with little ripples.



With sun shining through trees, you can go to the roof garden and enjoy being alone on a lazy afternoon.



Under the building, there is heavy traffic on the street, hasty office workers, bustling tourists, peddling vendors, which makes the quiet place more precious. When we are closer to the sky, we are further from the ground.



All of the years, the greening of Yuzhong District is restricted by small available area. To increase the greening area, improve the urban ecological environment, and enrich urban landscape, it launched the Incentives for Social Greening to encourage people to take part in the urban landscape construction.



Roof greening has been one of the features of Yuzhong District. According to an expert, the roof greening of Yuzhong District is unique. There are grand, well-designed greens on roofs of institutions as well as delicate, ingenious and well-managed individual roof greening. Some residents also introduced the economizing landscape into the greening.



The blooming great bougainvillea on the roof of Unit 2, Shangchunyangdong Community attracted pigeons. The roof garden has won the award of “Most Beautiful Roof Greening” of Yuzhong District.




Seemingly messy, it features the owner’s meticulous design, including well-chosen grey tiles, tall trees, green grass, vines, red and yellow flowers. There is scenery everywhere as long as you observe attentively.


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