Linger in these Poetic Ancient Towns
In Chongqing

23th March 2018


Except for the spicy and hot gourmet in Chongqing, there are still some poetic ancient towns where you would always linger. So why not go take a sightseeing in such a bright spring!



Laitan Ancient Town



Located 28Km northeast of Hechuan District and established in the Song Dynasty, Laitan Ancient Town was originally named Laitan Ancient Village. It ranks among the first batch of China’s famous historic and cultural ancient towns, one of the “Top Ten China’s Ancient Towns,” and on the list of “China’s Most Beautiful Towns”. Surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides, the town has enjoyed geographic advantages. The barbican built in the first year of the Qing Dynasty is the only one in Chongqing, with four caves for hiding soldiers, working out a sure catch in terms of defense. The Wenchang Palace built during the Qing Dynasty is well-preserved and the wooden carvings in relief of the ancient theater are breathtaking.


Special delicacy: Qujiang Fish, Home-kept Chicken and Rice Wine


Songgai Ancient Town



In the history, Songgai served as the logistical distribution hub for businessmen between Yongchuan, Rongchang, Longchang, Luzhou, Tongliang, Dazu, Neijiang and Chongqing. A large number of ships traveled upstream between the three wharfs to downstream. On the land, nearly one thousand horses and mules passed through the old streets every day, carrying goods from all counties here.


At present, Songgai Ancient Town is not a fully mature scenic area, but it contains several simple and original buildings, though some are repaired or built according to archaeological records. Many buildings are worth seeing, including the Luo’s ancestral hall, Chen’s Courtyard and Yongchuan County Government Office setting aside the ancient folkways.


Special gourmet: Yangtze River Songgai Fish, Salted Peanuts, the Nine Bowls, Salted Cabbage, Sorghum Liquor, Songgai Vinegar


Zouma Ancient Town



Situated in Jiulongpo District at the core area of Chongqing, Zouma Ancient Town has been an important business connection between Yuzhou and Shu Area, where the post house emerged early in the middle of Ming Dynasty. The people coming and going, enriching this town with anecdote, so that many folk cultural works and stories were recorded and circulated from generation to generation. The currently preserved ancient post houses are on ancient streets, along with a blacksmith shop, teahouse, Ming and Qing Dynasty theaters, Sun’s Courtyard and Ciyun Temple.


Special gourmet: Well Tofo pudding


Gongtan Ancient Town



At the junction of the Wujiang and Apeng Rivers, Gongtan Ancient Town lies opposite to Yanhe County, Guizhou Province. Across the river is the starting point as described in poetry “ten thousand li Wujiang River compares to one hundred gallery” in Youyang, the town has been contributing to logistics for the Wujiang River Basin and even for the Yangtze River Basin since ancient times.


Special gourmet: Mung Bean Noodle, Bitter Buckwheat Liquor, Tujia Snakehead


Wanling Ancient Town



Previously, Wanling Ancient Town was called “Lukong Town,” located on east side of Rongchang District in Chongqing, 12Km from Rongchang, covering an area of 24 square kilometers. It’s Laixi River to the southwest, and mountains and hills to the northeast. Built on mountains, the town won a nickname of “Little Mountain City”. The main scenic spots include ancient temples from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, former residence of the martyr Shibati and Erya Academy.


Special gourmet: Qingjiang Pea Drum Fish, Guagua Bean Jelly


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