Living by the Lake∣Yilumei International Recreational Vehicle Campsite in Changshou

29th September 2018


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Traveling in Chongqing is only to visit the sightseeings, eat hot pot and watching the night view? Perhaps you can also choose a more pleasant way for traveling – travel with motorhomes (Recreational Vehicle), which is a new way of life that where you go, there is your home.


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The Yiumei International Recreational Vehicle Campsite is located 25 meters ahead of the Gongbei Bridge of Lakeside Road in Changshou Lake. It covers an area of 240 acres and has a total investment of more than 50 million yuan, where are divided into different sections of RV campsite, wooden cottages, self-driving camps, recreational area for children, sports and fitness areas and area for sightseeing and entertainment. The plcace can provide 20 RVs and more than 200 tent camps.


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The Campsite has made the Changshou Lake more international and pupolar among young people, shedding a light for the development of Changshou tourism. It will become the new benchmark for RV campsites in Southwest China and become a new way of tourism and living for travelers.


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You can either drive a RV to the campsite, or rent one in the campsite to experience a RV tour. The camp is only a 15-minute drive from Changshou City and is well-equipped with power supply system, water supply, drainage, and various barbecues and restaurants. In addition to lrecrational activities in the campsite, you can also go fishing and picking there.


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For renting a RV to in the campsite, you have three choices of a wooden cottage, an American style RV or a European style RV.


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Wooden cottage for 488 yuan/ night (for four people)
American style RV for 688 yuan/ night (for four people)

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European style RV for 688 yuan/ night (for four people)
Tips: Location: Yilumei International RV Camping Base (驿露美国际房车露营基地)
Self-driving route: Chongqing - Luyu highway – Yilumei International RV camping base (about 95 kilometers, 1.5h)
Public Tranportation: Chongqing North Railway Station– Changshou Railway Station, and take a taxi or bus to the campsite.


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