Magic 3D Chongqing in the Animation
Project Pandora

05th April 2018


Even though close to each other, with countless up and down slopes and hills, Chongqing can be completely different from its much more flat neighbor, Chengdu. Characteristic creates labels, so the diversified terrain has made Chongqing known for people as the “Magic 3D City”. Tourists from domestic and overseas start their adventure here, watching unbelievable buildings and transportation. When an animation director travels here, rather than capture the view by photos, he builds a virtual world out of magic Chongqing. The animation - Project Pandora, was released beforehand in Chongqing on March 25th.




Since honored as the original city in reality, Chongqing contributes a lot elements to this animation: Liziba Railway Station, Yuzhong Peninsula, Hongyadong, Hot Pot... From March 28th, Project Pandora has been broadcast online in China, Japan and the United States.


The director is no one but a lover of complex structure - the Japanese animation as well as mechanical designer, Kawamori Shoji, the father of transform Mecha.


Magic-3D-Chongqing-in-the-Animation-Project-Pandora-3Kawamori Shoji 河森正治

在製作《Macross Delta》(2016年播出)尋找素材時,河森無意間看到重慶的輕軌穿樓而過的圖片(李子壩輕軌站),留下了立體城市的印象。

The interest of Chongqing starts from years ago when Kawamori came across a picture where light rail runs through the building while he was searching for materials for Macross Delta (broadcast in 2016), by that time Chongqing has left he an impression of three-dimensional city.


The light rail is passing through the building in Liziba Railway Station.



Line 2 of Chongqing in the animation.


Magic-3D-Chongqing-in-the-Animation-Project-Pandora-7Yuzhong Peninsula in the animation 片中的渝中半島

To produce the work, he actually took a trip here twice. At the first time the team was trying to make sure if Chongqing is the right original city for Project Pandora, however“Once we arrived Chongqing, we were completely conquered.”


Magic-3D-Chongqing-in-the-Animation-Project-Pandora-9Hongyadong 洪崖洞


Hongyadong in the animation.


Talking about the frame trip, Kawamori smiled,“ I was staying at the Hongyadong Hotel, which is absolutely a three-dimensional maze. I was already trilled just by the amusing construction structure. Later I paid a visit to Chongqing Art Museum around the neighborhood, a building with free architectural style. I was shocked at how this city can design constructions so flexibly.”



Kawamori was amazed by the architectural style of Chongqing Art Museum.


Kawamori didn’t miss the light rail,of course, “After galloping out of the underground, the light rail runs directly into the gap about 30-level high. You feel like yourself driving an attack helicopter on the street, even more exciting than riding a roller coaster.”Then he visited Wulong Tiankeng, Rift Valley, Ciqikou Ancient Town and other tourist attractions.



In the trailer we can find the leading actor is eating hot pot. Kawamori explains that in his mind, hot pot ranks the top place among all kinds of gourmet in Chongqing. “Delicious, but hot”, he laughed.


Magic-3D-Chongqing-in-the-Animation-Project-Pandora-13Chongqing Hot Pot 重慶火鍋

Magic-3D-Chongqing-in-the-Animation-Project-Pandora-14The leading actor is enjoying hot pot 主角吃火鍋

Magic-3D-Chongqing-in-the-Animation-Project-Pandora-8Kawamori in Chongqing street 河森正治在重慶采風

So, what kind of story does the Project Pandora want to tell? According to introduction, the story takes place in a virtual, near-future world in which quantum reactors accidents triggers drastic changes in the world. In the face of biological and mechanical fusion - B.R.A.I, the Pandora squad formed by distinct teammates guard humanity’s most crucial city, the New Xianglong, and launched a battle of survival with BRAI.


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