Make Your Own Life A Movie in the Liangjiang Movie City

27th August 2018


Recently, as costume drama The Story of Yanxi Palace and another series titled Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace have made a huge success in China, more people intended to visit the place where the drama was played.

In Chongqing, there are also some famous filmmaking bases, with the biggest one being the Liangjiang Movie City. Here you can take photos and make video in the characteristic architectures, and make your own life into a movie.

Liangjiang Movie City



The well-know Liangjiang Movie City is where the famous film of 1942 was taken. The 1942, directed by Feng Xiaogang, and acted by Zhang Guoli, Chen Daoming and other world-famous stars. Over renovations of several times, the Movie City is now more huge than its original size.



There are many buildings built in the period of the Republic of China, when Chongqing was then the temporary capital of China during World War II.


The location was generally designed with the shape of the Yuzhong peninsula, and there is also a “Chaotianmen Port” in the Movie City, where you can have a look on Chongqing in a small size.


Wandering in the old pebble streets and see the wooden pillar dwellings, you can fully feel the charm of Bayu culture.



You can also go visit the locations of Guotai Theater, Xinhua Daily, Eighteen Stairs, Chongqing Wine Museum, Chongqing Hotpot Museum and other distinctive places. In the Movie City, you will explore a totally different Chongqing which is full of vintage elments.

Address: The Liangjiang Movie City, Yubei District,Chongqing
Ticket: 40
1. Take Metro 3 to Bijing, and then take bus No.555 to Dalvmeng Square, and take No. 980 to the Movie City
2. Take bus in Hongqihegou Bus Station to Longxing, and then take No. 980 to the Movie City

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