Map of Flower Blossom in Chongqing
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13th March 2018


With the rising temperatures in the Mountain City recently, the breath of spring gets stronger. Now there are more entertaining things to do, such as watching migratory birds, flying kites, and picking wild vegetables. Chongqing — which is hot in ordinary days — will show its soft and touching side with blooming flowers in spring.



The Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau, along with the Chongqing Geographic Information Center, recently published the Map of Flower Blossom in Chongqing, including the most representative flower appreciation destinations in 38 counties. At both shores of Xiajiang, the water flows to the east; peach and plum blossoms come out. The beautiful view of the mountain, water and flowers blend in with each other. Near the Tujia Village of Xiaonanhai, the rapeseed flowers come out, tier upon tier. There is also malus spectabilis beside the majestic grottoes.



This time in the beautiful spring, bring this map with you and take pictures with your friends. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the colorful spring.


Fengjie Hefeng Village·Peach blossom


Hefeng Village is the gateway to the Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Area. The peach blossom area which occupies over 4,500mu is concentrated in Sanping Village and Lianhua Village. In March, the peach blossoms spread all over the mountains, as a gorgeous red cloud, set off against the lofty karst mountains and the water surface with lake ripples. Look around, you will see a charming scenery.

Xiushan Qingxichang Town · Rapeseed flowers


The sea of rapeseed flowers at Qingxichang Town, ten kilometers away from Xiushan County occupies over 26,000 mu. It was selected as one of the ten rapeseed flowers scenic areas in the China Beautiful Countryside. The rapeseed flowers are planted as far as the eye can see. When the wind blows, the faint fragrance brings physical and mental pleasure, making people indulge in the beautiful scenery of the countryside.

Dazu Xizige Village Malus Spectabilis Garden·Malus spectabilis


The malus spectabilis (a species of crabapple, also called “Asiatic apple”) of Dazu has a long history. Ancient people have said “Malus spectabilis do not have fragrance but Changzhou’s do”. Dazu has the elegant name of “kingdom with fragrance of malus spectabilis”. The malus spectabilis garden located in Xizige Village on Tangxiang Street occupies over 150mu and has over 6,000 plants of various species. It’s the best place for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the malus spectabilis in Dazu.

Hechuan Diaoyu Fortres Datianchi · Mangnolia


Diaoyu Fortress is a solemn place. The scenery of the mangnolia, which occupies around 10mu in the surrounding area of Qishengmen Datianchi, is fresh. In March, with the blowing of the wind, red and white magnolias come out, sending out fragrant smells, which bring chivalrousness and tenderness to Diaoyu Fortress, the place of heroes which have witnessed wars and changing times.

Yubei Cizhu Town Fangniuping · Pear flower


Yubei Cizhu Town Fangniuping, with altitude of over 900 meters, is in the middle of Huaying Mountain and has a 14,000mu pear flower base. The altitude drop of the pear flower garden reaches 250 meters. In March and April, the pear flowers bloom all over the mountain, giving visitors a grand view. The scenery of the vast pear flower sea is the most gorgeous scene in the surrounding areas.

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