Meet the Most Authentic Soul of Chongqing
Within Mountains and Rivers

9th Apri 2018



How to describe Chongqing? The first word strikes my mind is “mountains and rivers”. Chongqing, a city made up by kaleidoscopic mountains, high and low, majestic and shapely. River and mountain, always a twin, given from Mother Nature, the gift from heaven. So without any doubt, a mountain city dwells by riverside. No matter what customs and spirit you find about Chongqing, you can trace them back in mountains and rivers.



In the very beginning, Chongqing is nothing but a small valley between two ranges, the Zhongliang Mountain Range and the Tongluo Mountain Range. Benefits from the advantageous location, the intersection of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, Yuzhong District was built up one brick after another, then gradually nurtures the whole city.




Chongqing is a mountain city, which means ladies wearing high heels better watch out. Barely any trace of bike riders can be found when new-comers are here on account of various slopes. Traveling often requires climbing uphill, and living conditions are more difficult than in the plains. Therefore one special group called “bangbang”(porters) emerges in mountain city. But one coin has two sides, technology makes progress, the once disadvantage turns into an advantage. Light rail running across the building, the night scene rich in layers, and the magical Hongyadong... all make Chongqing a frequent headline visitor.



It won’t be hard to convince people of the kaleidoscopic terrain in Chongqing.





Divided by mountains and rivers, Chongqing was difficult to reach for outsiders back in ancient China. However, thanks to urban modernization, by using transportation technology, geographical barriers have gradually erased.



In recent years, the construction of urban infrastructure represented by bridges and tracks has mushroomed here. There are more than 4,500 bridges in this city. Chongqing has a large number of bridges, featuring large-sized, high levels of technology, and diversified... a veritable city of bridge.




In 2017, Chongqing ranks the first place among the top 10 world’s fastest-growing tourist cities released by the World Travel and Tourism Council and the list of "Top 50 Most Popular Tourism Cities in China 2017" list. What’s more, Chongqing is one of "Top 10 Tourism Destinations in the World" and "Top Ten Most Promising Places to Travel in the World" by internationally authoritative travel magazines Frommer's and Lonely Planet.


However, the most fascinating part of Chongqing does not lie in those popular “web-celebrity” resorts. It is located in back streets and alleys behind the bustling skyscrapers, the Jiugongge hot pot and spicy noodles in the corner restaurants, the steep slopes full of sweaty citizens and the chatting people scatter under the ficus virens. Here you will meet the most authentic life and soul of Chongqing.


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