More Night Bus Serve for Passengers in Chongqingxi Railway Station

23th August 2018



At present, the regular bus operation routes at night in Chongqingxi Railway Station mainly include:
1. Line 213 to Shapingba: 5:30-24:00
2. Line 441 to Yangjiaping: 6:30-23:00
3. Line 499 to Dadukou: 7:00-21:30
4. Line 473 to Chongqing North Railway Station: 6:00-22:00
5. Line G01 to Jiefangbei: 10:00-23:30


Chongqing Western Bus Company says they will set up a “夜间公交乘车指示” (Night Bus Directions) sign at the exits of the railway station and arrange the station personnel to guide passengers taking bus at the exit of the train station.

More buses will be put into use in case the passengers in the Chongqingxi Railway Station suddenly increase. Details as follows:
1. Line 213 to Xiwu Shichang;
2. Line 473 to Gaomiaocun;
3. Line 441 to Baguocheng;

In addition, the Line G09 night bus running from Chongqingxi Railway Station to Nanping was open, recently. The stops along the route are Chongqingxi Railway Station, Chenjiaping Crystal City, Railway Yuanjiagang, Caiyuanba Lighting Plaza and Nanping North Road.

The Line runs between 20:30 – 23:30 and leaves every 20-30min, with a fare of 15 yuan/person.

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