Most cool natural destinations to beat Chongqing summer heat

17th July 2018


Every season has its pleasure, but lets face it: in Chongqing, many places have been enduring intense heat since the early summer, that’s why, Summer is the ultimate time to hit the road in search of cool natural places to beat the summer heat, this year, make the most of your summer time to check it out.


Fairy Maiden Mountain, Wulong

Located in Wulong County, its known as the “Original Switzerland” and described as the temple which clears heat on earth and the moon palace in the sky. With an annual average temperature of 20 ℃, it is a great summer retreat.

Route: self-driving- Inner ring (towards Nanchuan) 18.4Km- Ba’nan Toll station-Baomao Expressway- 139Km- Off Fairy mountain toll station- Skyline road-28Km -Fairy Forest Park.

Xiniu Stockaded Village, Wulong

Located in Village of Wulong, about 40 mins drive from fairy town, here, its the place surrounded with cloudy sky and charms with historical buildings and nostalgia at every turn. Its the kind of secluded place thats reminiscent of your summer days. Even you can find the local restaurants serve comfort food with a reasonable price.

Route: Near the Fairy town (about 18 km), Fairy Maiden Mountain Tourist Center- the entrance of Three Natural bridges- Walnut- Fairly Lake - Xiniu Stockaded Village

Mount Simian

The park is in a national experimental EDA, and also known as natural forest oxygen bar in chongqing, in summer, the temperature will not exceed 20 degrees centigrade even in hottest day of Chongqing.

Route: Chengyu Expressway- Yulu Expressway- Off Diaojia Toll station- LIshi- Simian Mountain Its one of the most popular routes to get there.

Charming sea of Tea and Bamboo

Located about 2 KM of Nothern town in Yongchuan county, owns large areas of tea plantation — more than 20 thousand mu — and bamboo forests of more than 50 thousand mu. These combine to form the precious scene "symbiosis of bamboo and tea" in China. With a high forest coverage rate of 97% and negative oxygen anion per cubic centimeter as high as 20,000, this deserves to be called a "Natural Oxygen Bar".

Route: 3Km of Exit of Yongchuan toll station in Chengyu Express way.

JinFo Mountain

Owing to its unique geographic location, Jinfo Mountain is listed in the world heritage, with a wide variety of rare plants, waterfalls. The temperature is normally about 20 -24℃in summer.

Route: Main city- Jieshi-Nanpeng-Shigang-Heping-Jielong-Shuangsheng-Shitan-Shengtong-Nanping-Nanchuan Town- Northern cable car entrance, Jinfo Mountain.

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