Must Try: Fire up bbq

21th February 2019


Best Korean BBQ In CQ

Authentic Korean BBQ is one of my favourite things about being in Asia. The fiery taste, the thick, delicious cuts of meat, the delicious salty yet meaty flavours. It is truly one of the most delicious types of cooking in the world, and in Chongqing, you won’t find anywhere better than Fire Up BBQ in the Daping Paradise Walk, or their new location at 9th street in Guanyinqiao.



Small but well laid out and designed in a modern style, you can tell that Fire Up BBQ is owned and operated by a style conscious Korean Expat. You can find him there on most weekends, and he is always willing to share a shot of Soju with you.



Because of the lay-out and social nature of Korean BBQ, this is the perfect place for a weekend get together. I’ve personally celebrated to of my birthday’s here, and I’m wowed every time. It has the perfect atmosphere for drinking and talking with friends, while cooking your meat just how you like it.



While the social aspect of Fire Up BBQ is great, the food is the real star here. You start with little side dishes, all prepared from the personal recipe of the Korean Owner himself and done in-store. The lightly pickled cucumbers and red onions are my personal favourite, but the sesame salad and fermented kimchi can’t be missed either.



Before getting into the meat of the meal, make sure to order a few Korean staples to enjoy while you cook. The spicy seafood noodles and savoury rice cakes are two dishes that go perfectly with soju and BBQ.


The best reason to try Fire Up BBQ though is of course the meat. Lots of different cuts are on offer at reasonable prices, and each and every one is delicious. I know because I’ve tried them all. Whether you want thick cut steak or super thin ox tongue, crispy pork rinds or even tender chicken wings and shrimp, there is something for everyone. And each more juicy and delicious than the last. Next time you find yourself in Daping or 9th Street, don’t hesitate to grab a table with friends!

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