Must Try: Glue Cafe

18th January 2019


Attention to detail is something that not many Chinese establishments have. Usually life here is about quantity over quality, which is way Glue Cafe is a refreshing change of pace. A tiny cafe near Yangjiaping, this place focuses on the little things that make for the perfect relaxing coffee shop atmosphere.


The decor is well thought out and intentional, with design magazines by the tables and a layout perfect for both enjoying one of their Single Origin coffees with friends, or putting in your headphones and getting that last minute project done.


Since it opened, Glue Cafe has become the favorite meeting place of all the foreigners I work with. It's hole-in-the-wall cafe vibe is a good blend of relaxing and trendy, and it makes the perfect getaway from the busy Chongqing streets. Most days you can find me or one of my friends here tucked away during our lunch break, enjoying a perfectly made Flat White and getting our work done.


Delicious latte's and Single Origin coffees are not all they have here though. Even if you don't like coffee, if you have a sweet tooth, you owe it to yourself to check out Glue. Their in-house baker is talented, and her creations are not only the best I've had in Chongqing, but the most beautiful too. The cake is fluffy and tasteful without being heavy, and the icing melts on your tongue making your tastebuds alight in pleasure.


My favourites are the Chocolate Pudding Cake, which combines layers of moist chocolate cake with silky smooth homemade pudding, and the Pink Vanilla Strawberry Cake with it's not-too-sweet combination of flavors topped with fresh blueberries. She's always coming up with new and delicious cakes though, so make sure to take a look at the display before you order. No matter what you choose, you won't be disappointed.


The best reason to go to Glue Cafe though is the people you will find there. The owner and baristas are always friendly and willing to chat about coffee, and even willing to try out new drinks. I recently mentioned that they should try to make a Nitro Coffee (my favorite and something every coffee lover should try), and the next day we made one together. It's a truly local cafe, with quality coffee, mouthwatering cakes, and friendly people. The perfect place to unwind and enjoy the good things in life.










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