Night Creatures, You Need A Walk

Nanbin Road

11th December 2017


Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-1

Human beings, in some sort of way, are night
creatures. Train of thoughts jammed our head at darkness. Solitary
it might be, night still fascinates us.

In Woody Allen’s nostalgic film, a man who’s
been yearning for the “golden age” of literature (1920s)
accidentally walk into it, in the rainy midnight Paris.

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-2(Midnight In Paris)

Midnight Seine, the best place for any fantasy.
Retro street lamps and Gothic architectures. Cities built up by
the river can’t live without it. Without any doubt, same principle also
applies to the mountain and river city - Chongqing.

Bayu culture, religious culture, Kaibu (Port Opening)
culture, dock culture... every origin about old Chongqing
is vividly displayed within Nanbin Road , a comprehensive urban leisure scenery road
reaching to 25 kilometers.

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-3(Nanbin Road)

Facing up with Yuzhong District over a river, Nanbin Road
is qualified with a wide range of features, anything
from flood control, urban redevelopment to dining, entertainment and recreation.
If you dream to immerse into old Chongqing, I can’t
figure out a better choice than walking through this “Chongqing Reception Room”.

God separates mankind through different language. The tower
of Babel fell apart. Initiative as human are, they
create junctions to connect isolated areas. Kaleidoscopic bridges, beyond water and
across banks, takes up the top billing of rivers.

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-4(Dongshuimen Bridge)

A two-lane and double-layer cable-stayed bridge,
Dongshuimen Bridge
(East Gate Bridge), has basically stood for the modernity
aspect of Nanbin Road. Railways run below while cars go above.

If you have seen Drive, wanna experience a flourishing urban night view like Los Angeles.

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-5(Drive)

Then definitely go to Dongyuan 1891 The Plaza Of Time, combined
with four streamline malls (A/B/C/D). No matter it’s foreign flavor
like Vietnamese Tom Yum Goong Noodles or local delicacy like spicy
corydoras, they all hamonously live within just one storey.

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-6

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-7(The Time Of Square)

Interestingly, none of any brand clothing shops
is available. Instead you could only see designer or custom-made
stores. Original music club, beer bar,art museum... obviously The Plaze
of Time is set by the theme of culture. Remember the
Clessence Bookstore? A brand is located here.

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-8

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-9 (Essence Contemporary Art Museum )

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-10

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-11(Clessence Bookstore)

In 1995 film Before Sunrise , two compeletly strangers spend a
night in Vienna, they walk through this city, talk about
everything - music, literature, fear and future...

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-12 (Before Sunrise)

A city can’t be fully understood without a night walk.
There is no need for a unexpected meet with strangers to
make air romantic in Yanyu Haitang Park.
When fountain splash out, colorful
lamplight is reflected and mixed with joyous music. Kids wave arms in excitement,
and adults just stand here, trying to seizing this
care-free moment.

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-13

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-14 (Music Fountain)

Danzishi (The Birth Of Son Stone) Square

It’s provided with excellent location: the core area of
Nanbin Road Danzishi CBD. In Danzishi Square, one can look
at the two rivers and four banks at a glance, with a panoramic view of the bustling beauty
of the Yuzhong and Jiangbeizui.

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-15

From the old tobacco factory site to present "Chongqing balcony",
a "Cloud Gallery" shuttle in the riverbank like
a dragon.

Nearly 50 meters in height difference and 5 layers landscape level,
in Danzishi you’re able to overlook the magic
of Chongqing 3D, and patchwork of the mountain city terrain.

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-16 (Danzishi Square)

The whole Nanbin Road Scenic Area is equipped with free wifi. You can
send a video invitation to your friends or
family, showing them how gorgeous the night of Chongqing is.

Entrances to the riverside are separated one close to
another. Many of them lead into various bars, which provide
music and night views.

Night Creatures, You Need A Walk-17 (Danzishi Square)

Come to Nanbin Road,
come to experience why it’s called “Chongqing Reception Room”.

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