North Hot Spring
One-day Trip

12th April 2018


Beibei is known for their hot springs ( Bo Lian Hot Spring is one of the most famous hot springs in Chongqing, and also the most expensive: 318 RMB each during the week and 338 each during the weekend. Book online in advance to save 50 RMB.



Bailian Hot Spring is less than 5 km away from Beibei. You can take the subway to Beibei and then take a taxi. However, it’s usually more difficult to get a taxi for the retun trip, as the traffic is so heavy, so it’s usually easiest to order a car with Didi. After arriving at the gate of the North Hot Spring, you’ll cross a temple to reach the reception desk.



Bo Lian hot spring features natural geothermal hot springs, with a Chinese-style courtyard and a natural forest environment to add to the experience. It is an especially ideal place to relax after taking a trip to the nearby Jinyun Mountain or Golden Knife Gorge.



There are dozens of hot spring pools, ranging in temperature from 32 to 41 degrees. They are all outdoors and surrounded by trees. There are also various types of pools, including massage pools, saunas, cask baths, and both wet and dry steam rooms. In Chongqing, going to hot springs doesn’t require you to bring bathing suits. They will provide you with bathrobes and towels, which can be hung in convenient locations near each pool and, if you want to take your mobile phone with you, waterproof bags are available. In the evening, the place becomes more romantic with landscape lights. After bathing in the hot springs, fruits and snacks are available on the second floor.



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