Not Far from Downtown City
Place to Watch Maple Leaves

28th March 2018


In the spring month of March, numerous tourists enjoy flowers on their outings. With the advancing of spring, the weather is getting warmer. Many people prefer to admire flowers in the nearby suburbs. Now we will recommend something special, a good place to admire red maple leaves.



Recently, more than 20,000 red maples in the Nanhu Colorful Botanical Garden in Banan District are blooming and gathered in a fiery ocean on the edge of Nanhu. It is the nearest and largest red leaf ornamental area from the urban city. Spring is the best viewing period. The red maple in the park grows lushly and flourishingly. The red maples of the mountains and plains seem to be connected to the skyline. It looks like a fiery red sunset covering the horizon, extremely spectacular. The red sea in the mountains is in harmony with the green Nanhu under the mountain. The scene of “green leaves lining the red leaves” creates a warm spring atmosphere.




In terms of transportation, Nanhu Colorful Botanical Garden is located in Shuizhu Village, Nanpeng Town, Banan District, so the self-driving visitors from main city can take the inner ring road to the Nanpeng Expressway and get off after about five minutes. It takes only 30 minutes to drive from Nanping and about 45 minutes from Jiangbei. You can also take Line 3 and get off at Huaxi Station. Exiting at the No.3 Entrance and walk to Chaoyou Station to take bus No. 314 to the Reservoir Station.



Tickets for the Botanic Garden are 50 yuan for adults and 45 yuan if purchased online.



Except for admiring the flowers, Nanhu Colorful Botanical Gardens also features hiking trails and rotary roads as well as large grasslands for visitors to camp and spend leisure time with family and friends. There are also two lakes, at which you can admire the fish and play in the water. Looking far into the distance at the top of the park, you can find a view of the beautiful Nanhu Lake. Visitors can enjoy leaves, flowers, leisure, fitness, and fishing. They can also have a relaxing meal at the star level Nanhuwan Farmhouse or enjoy a leisurely boat ride.


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