Once a Lifetime Adventure‖Cliff Swing Above 900m Valley

21th August 2018


Like to get your heart rate going in the mountain peak? For those intrepid adventurer, now Jiuchongtian Scenic Area in Fengdu County has brought out a brand-new cliff swing project to satisfy your quest for excitement. The minute it’s opened to visitors, the title “Cliff swing with biggest altitude difference in Chongqing” is occupied. While swinging on the mountaintop, look blow you can see spectacular valley view in Longhe River.


Cliff swing is designed in hope to provide once a lifetime adventure. Imagine seat on top of the mountain with 900 meters high, just one push, next minute you’ll be hanging in the air without any ground below. Breeze comes from the forest, blowing your ear hair softly. The killer view, magnificent mountains, is unfolded in front of you all of a sudden.


To met different needs of tourists seeking for thrilling experience, the cliff swings are divided into three heights, each of which has various swing range. The lowest swing range is more than 3 meters, while the highest is 8 meters. The cliff swing is designed and built by professionals. The facilities and materials of the whole project also meet the safety technical requirements. At the same time, the scenic spots will check and maintain the equipment before reception and guide them in a professional way during the experience.


Embedded in Lotus Mountain, Fengdu County, with an altitude of 1000-1200 meters, the Jiuchongtian Scenic Area is an excellent choice for experience entertainment project considering its open and rugged terrain. At present, the scenic spot has been built with entertainment projects such as Sky High Gallery Road, Cliff Climbing, Jungle Cross, Colorful Grass Slide, and Ecological Camping.


Recommendation: ★★★★★
Address:Lianhuadong Village, Shuanglu Town, Fengdu County(丰都县双路镇莲花洞村六组)
Distance from the downtown: 180km
Transportation: Take train from Chongqing North Railyway Staion to Fengdu Railway Staion and then take shuttle bus to the Jiuchongtian Scenic Area

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