Outside the Windows
It’s March Coming

19th March 2018


“As if suddenly the spring breeze blows, thousands of tens of pear trees blossom.”In these days, many tourist attractions are immersing into the thick spring scenery, like Nanshan Botanical Garden which is covered with romantic pink and Guangyang Island which drops into bright yellow. Whereas the breath of spring has already scattered everywhere in this mountain city. Even outside the platforms of Line 2 and Line 3 can you enjoy it, it looks like the railway is chasing after spring scenery...



A gust of soft wind breezes outside Yangjiaping Station, bringing the Chinese redbud to sway along. These small but showy flowers cover every branch, conspicuous and beautiful.



In the sparse pear forest, the white pear blossoms seem to be whispering about spring. Under the gentle sunshine, the branches are just woke up and stretching themselves, in harmony with the Jintonglu Station of Line 3.



In the sunshine, the train with green outfit passing by the castle-like building creates a fairy-tale world.



To paraphrase poet William Blake, “To see a world in a wild flower.” The trains run steadily in the company of red leaves and white flowers.



Somebody said that Chongqing is a spiritual city, combined by mountains, rivers and bridges. On the Yu'ao Bridge, the train is running and the blooming flowers under the bridge are feeling its speed.



Pear blossoms, plum blossoms, Yulan... With various flowers picturing a flourishing spring scenery in this city, even when you drag the tired body into the railway, head up and look outside, you’ll be greatly relieved.



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