Places where you will find delicious fish
In Chongqing

04th May 2018


Apart from hotpot, chuanchuan and Xiaomian, there is one more delicacy in Chongqing that cannot be ignored when you travel here: fish.


Huguo Hang-pot Filefish


The restaurant at Lianglukou has been in operation for several years, and from its opening the food has always been delicious and offered at a reasonable price. Fish are in sizes as large as a palm, one could have a tight feeling chopping it with sticks; the fish is tender as well as fresh.

Average consumption: About 78 yuan Location: No. 62-1, Datianwan, Yuzhong District


A chain-restaurant that has many shops in Chongqing, Xiangyu’s featured dish is Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers from Hu'nan. The peppers taste goes well into the fish as it is steamed. Keep rotating a chunk of fish in the broth and you will see the meat is tender yet spicy; one simply cannot stop eating it.

Average consumption: About 80 yuan

Location 1: Floor 4, Building C, Longfor Paradise Walk, Changjiang 2nd Road

Location 2: Floor 4, Changjiahui, Danzishi, No. 69, Taichang Road

Location 3: Floor 4, the Metro Park, No. 37, Hongsheng Road, Dashiba

Jipinxuan Beidu Fish Restaurant


After being in operation for twenty years, the restaurant has been visited by many customers. What stays the same is that all you can find here is Beidu Fish. Three flavors are available: spicy, sauerkraut and tomatoes. The chef can prepare the fish in different flavors out of one; you can do whatever you want with it. Plus, a vegetable is offered free per 500g fish ordered.

Average consumption: About 61 yuan
Address: No. 42, Changjiang 2nd Road, Daping

Ran’s Fermented Soya Beans Fish Hotpot


The shop is located in a house built in the 1980s, and there is nothing fancy for the interior design. There are only four or five tables. The fish is irrigated with hot oil; thus, the skin is crispy to the taste yet the meat is tender and fresh. Flavored with a lot of fermented soya beans, the pot is rich and delicious; one can hardly stop their chopsticks.

Average consumption: About 46 yuan Address: Opposite Zaoqicun Community, Shipingqiao Main Street, Jiulongpo District (near Sanxia Paint Factory)

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