Qingming Festival Holiday
Two-day Tours

06th April 2018


If you still have no idea about where to spend your holiday, we have prepared a few outing destinations which are suitable for the Qingming holiday. Check them out!



Hiking, Flower Appreciation and Camping


Tongliang: Qicai Dream Garden, Huangjia Dam Wetland Park



In Qicai Dream Garden, different flower seas bloom throughout the year. Recently, the tulip, Papaver rhoeas, Impatiens balsamina L. and many other flowers are blooming. You can also experience the excitement of grass at the Garden.


If you feel that visiting the lake for sightseeing is not enough, you can also drive to the Huangjia Dam Wetland Park next to the ancient city of Anju. The park is near mountains and rivers with a lot of water birds that have hidden for the whole winter. Now they are coming out to feel the spring and play in the river.



Self-drive route: Chongqing-Suining Expressway- Tongliang Industrial Park Interchange Exit - drive along Longteng Avenue - turn left at the traffic light to 319 national road - go straight for 800 meters in the direction of Bishan, turn right into the entrance of the Chinese Dragon Hot Spring. Then go along Xuantian Lake, and go to Huangjuemen Qicai Dream Garden.


Flower appreciation, Lake tour and Wild vegetables pick


Nanchuan: Ecological Grand View Garden and Lixiang Lake



Nanchuan Ecological Grand View Garden is a great place for enjoying flowers in spring and it is also the best choice for people who like agritainment. There are Cherry Blossom Avenues, herb gardens, rose gardens, kiwifruit gardens, vineyards, exotic fruits orchards, and precious botanical gardens in Jinfo Mountain... a series of locations for pure natural farm fun.


Posting a photo with the background of mountains and the style of the Swiss manor at Lixiang Lake can definitely win admiration from your followers. Come here to experience a Chongqing version of the Swiss style on the weekend. It is really awesome! There is also a free wetland park under the dam of Lixiang Lake. The most important thing is that you can also fish and pick wild vegetables here.



Self-drive route: The Main City – Chongqing-Hunan Expressway - Daguan Exit - Lavender Garden - Exotic Fruits Orchard - Lixiang Lake


Lake tour and Ancient towns


Changshou: Changshou Lake and The Bodhi Ancient Town



Changshou Lake is the largest lake tourism scenic spot in Chongqing, with more than 200 islands. Standing on the small island in the middle of the lake and seeing the beautiful scenery is really enjoyable. The islands in Changshou Lake naturally formed a pattern: a -tablet script “Shou” measuring 1280 meters long and 704 meters wide, so it has a good meaning of longevity. If you take your parents there, they will be happy.


In addition, the Changshou lake area in spring is also a ocean of flowers, which on the west bank of Changshou Lake are blooming. After driving for 5 minutes, you will be able to reach the Bodhi Ancient Town from Changshou Lake City. You can visit the kermis, the pagoda, and four ancient opera tables where you can see a play while drinking tea and enjoying the sunshine. You may also choose to stay for a night in the Bodhi Ancient Town, where the night view is very beautiful and pleasant.



Changshou Lake


Self-drive route: the Main City - G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway - Changshou Lake Interchange - Changshou Lake Visitor Center


Bus route: Hongqihegou Bus Station (the North Bus Station) - Changshou Qi’an Station (70 minutes) - transfer to Changshou Lake Shuttle (rolling start, 25 minutes) - Arrival at Changshou Lake Turntable (go 200 meters to reach Changshou Lake Visitor Center)


The Bodhi Ancient Town in Changshou


Self-drive route: the Main City - G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway - The Bodhi Ancient Town.


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