Recommended Cultural & Creative Parks
In Chongqing

17th April 2018


any people view the graffito street at the old campus of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute as the most cultural and artistic place in Chongqing. In fact, there are many other folk and creative places, some special parks transformed from old factories. Let’s take explore the industrial, cultural and artistic features in Chongqing. Let’s experience different style of Chongqing tourist attractions.


The TESTBED 2 in Eling



In the Republic China period, the TESTBED 2 in Eling was the mint of the central bank. As times goes by, it is disappearing in people’s life. Fortunately, the industrial heritage has been transformed into today’s cultural and creative park and back into people’s awareness because of appearing in a movie named “I Belonged to You.”


The park looks just the same as the 80-year-old factory because it’s transformed from the factory mostly through repair work. There are so many wonderful coffee shops, bars suitable for youngsters, creative offices, artistic graffiti bars and theaters, and other places to enjoy.


Address: Eling Main Street, Yuzhong District


Maoer’s Art & Creative Zone



Maoer’s Art & Creative Zone is transformed from the White Cat daily use chemical factory with a long history. After transformation, it adds new vigor to the long history of the old factory.


The park is similar in business to “798 ArtDist”, the nationally known art district in Beijing. It mixes the features of the first and second generations of cultural and creative parks and integrates culture & art, creative industries and experiential life aesthetics as its three core traits.


Address: 17 West Jianxin Road, Jiangbei District.


Beicang Cultural & Creative Park



Near the prosperous Guanyin Bridge, there is a large old warehouse with historical characteristics among so many skyscrapers: Beicang Cultural & Creative Park. Known as the most beautiful warehouse in Chongqing, it always brings calmness to people’s souls.


There are old-fashioned residential buildings around Beicang. The graffiti on the alley’s walls tells the stories of the city. Although Beicang is close to the prosperous trading area, it remains serene and beautiful. Tourists can enjoy peaceful times and the stories of the city while taking a slow walk here.


Address: 55 Taping, 1st branch of North Jianxin Road, Security Area





N18Loft is transformed from The Fifth Printing Factory in Chongqing. After reorientation, redesign and rebuilding, it has become a cultural & creative park integrating four types of business: cultural & leisure industries, creative handcraft bases, wedding photo studios and wedding celebration sites.


If you are a fan of literature and art, you can listen to folk music, drink coffee and hang out in the creative market in N18Loft in the afternoon. If not, you can also come here because you may fall in love with it after you see it.


Address: 18 East Nanping Road, Nan’an District.


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