Recommended “Red” Tourism Routes
In Shapingba District!

23th April 2018


Chongqing is a city full of uprightness and masculinity, and it is also a city with a distinctive red mark. Destinations with red style has been hot Chongqing attractions these days. Hongyan (Red Rock) Spirit is such a glorious symbol of Chongqing. Do you want to know more about Chongqing? Shapingba District recently launched nine red tourism routes. According to reports, these nine lines are free of tickets, of which seven are day trips and the other two are two-day and three-day tours. Let's have a look!

Hongyan Selected Day Tour


Ciqikou Ancient Town - Red Rock Soul Gallery - Lieshimu – Former Residence of Bai Ju - Zhazidong Prison

You can visit Chinese historical and cultural streets and visit the birthplace of the Red Rock Spirit.

Gele Mountain In-depth Day Tour


Red Rock Soul Plaza - Red Rock Soul Gallery - Lieshimu - Wolf and Dog Chamber - Buyun Bridge Martyrs’ Poets Steles - Former Residence of Bai Ju - Pinewood Slope - Observatory – Plum Garden – Zhazidong Prison - the Secret Prison of Jiang’s yard

You can visit the site of the national key cultural relics protection unit - the old site of “Sino-American Cooperation Organization” concentration camp, to learn the historical facts concerning the Gele Mountain revolutionary struggle during the Anti-Japanese War period, the Kuomintang Military Bureau, and the Sino-American Cooperation Organization.

Shaci Culture Day Tour


Chongqing Nankai Middle School - Chongqing University A Campus - Ciqikou Ancient Town

You can visit the birthplace of the Shaci culture and look for traces of celebrities such as Zhou Enlai, Ma Yinchu, and Zhang Boling.

Jialing River Red Memory Day Tour


Ciqikou Ancient Town - S1938 International Maker Park - the old site of the China Radio International Power Plant - Hongyancun (Red Rock Village) - Liziba War Memorial Park

You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Jialing riverside, feel the traditional Bayu culture, and recall the red memory in your heart.

Ruins of Chongqing's Early Great Revolution Struggle Day Tour


Geleshan Forest Park - Gaodianzi Old Street - Chongqing University A Campus - Fotuguan Park

Here you can visit the ruins of the CCP's early revolutionary struggle and experiencing the hardships of it and the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs.

Anti-Japanese War Celebrities' Old House Day Tour


Former Residence of Feng Yuxiang - Former Residence of Guo Moruo - Former Residence of Zhang Zhizhong - the old site of Wuyun Mountains Concentration Camp

You can recall CCP’s persistence in the cultural resistance and the glorious history of establishing the anti-Japanese national united front.

New Culture and Tourism Landmarks Day Tour


Chongqing Library - Shaci Lane - Ciqikou Ancient Town - Ciqikou Back Street

You can visit the “Top Ten New Culture and Tourism Landmarks in Chongqing”.

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