Short Trip to 800-acre Crape Myrtle Flower Sea in Qijiang

08th August 2018


In hot summer day, you may go to riverside to get rid of the heat. Or you can also go to the sea of crape myrtle flower, which islocated in Dtong Town, Qijiang County, Chongqing, and it is only 2 hour drive from the downtown so that you can go and come back in one day.


800 acre crape myrtle flower

The crape myrtle flower base is about 800 acre, and in August of every year, it turns into red ocean, which attracts a lot of tourists from everywhere. Lovely crape myrtle flowers are bright and fresh in the contrast of summer green. Though look like as red as fire or the sun, the red waves can offer you with cool summer breeze. There you can enjoy the sweet smell of the crape myrtle flower, and also take unforgettable photos.


Red Flower Lake

Situated in Daluo village, Datong town, the Lake has an altitude of 1200 meters, which is the nearest lake in highland from the downtown. With extremely fresh air and green environment, the lake is encircled by numerous mountains. Take a boat in the lake and listen quietly the sound of the water; you will truly feel the tranquility of heart.


If you are tired, you can go to nearby farm, picking pumpkin, eggplant, chili and other vegetables. Besides, there are also smoked sausage, fish and other local specialty, which are of great delicacy.

Exciting Pangu Drifting

Known as one of the most exciting drifting, the Pangu drifting route is built based on continuous rapid-flowing streams, which is totally different from other routes that have long buffer strips. After drifting, you can go fishing here and pick watermelons to ease your tense mood.


Address: Datong, Qijiang County, Chongqing
Route: Downtown—expressway round the city-- Lanhai Expressway—Ganshui Interflow—Datong Town
Time: 2 hours












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