Six deluxe tourist lines in Shapingba waiting for you to discover

03th October 2018



On 27th September, Shapingba Tourism Development Commission has released 6 autumn Deluxe tourist lines in National Day holiday, which provide cultural tourism feast for visitors in this festival.

Shapingba District, known as famous cultural district in Chongqing, with the sound and perfect system of cultural tourism, urban tourism, rural tourism, hot spring tourism, and research tourism, especially for Ciqikou Ancient Town, Ronghui Hot Spring, Zhazidong Prison, White Residence Prison, Gele Mountain and other scenic spots and attractions.

When it comes to golden week of National Day holiday, which attracts a large number of tourists every year.

The 6 deluxe tourist lines for the National Day holiday released in this season are:

Literary and artistic tourist line: SISYPHE Bookstore→Chongqing Anti-Japanese War Education Museum→Zhuanyunlou Teahouse & Theatre→S1938 International creative Park→Sichuan Fine Arts Institute;

Shapingba-Ciqikou cultural tourist line: Zhang Shanzi's Tomb→Ciqikou Back Street→the site of "Chongqing People fetching Water" by Xu Beihong→Old site of Fu Baoshi lived and art made→Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute;

Famous online scenic tourist line: Chongqing Library→Sanxia Square→Old Railway of Sichuan International Studies University →SUCH!→Ciqikou Ancient Town→Ciqikou Back Street→Chongqing Logistics area→Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute→Jinyun Mountain Yuanshan Pottery Kiln;

Mountain life tourist line: Huangjueping→Zhong Yunting’s Yard→Hanlin Yard→Baoshan Temple→Xinji Grocery→Ciqikou Back Street→Zhuanyunlou→Baolun Temple→Woman Peeing Her Child Copper Sculpture→Wenchang Temple;

Urban trend tourist Line: S1938 International creative Park→Sanxia Square→Shaping Park→Pingding Mountain Cultural Park→Ronghui Hot Spring→Quanli Town;

Classic red tourist line: Old site of Anti-Japanese War in the Cave Area→Lin Sen’s Mansion→ Anti-Japanese War Site of Nankai Middle school →Old site of Chongqing University Anti-Japanese War →Old Site of China International Radio Station →Anti-Japanese Celebrity House.

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