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Light Up Your Cold Night

18th February 2018

“There's a frontier-town vibe to Chóngqìng City , one of the most booming metropolises on earth...this former walled fortress has a distinctly brash feel.”- even with few lines, Lonely Planet has appropriately revealed how this city looks like in our eyes, no matter you’re old or young, staying or just passing by.

If you’re given only one word to describe Chongqing, young crowd may say it’s “magic”, the transport, the buildings and forever-lasting mist ... however older generation probably use “vitality” cause they still see old alleys back street.

“with further development ongoing – but very little remains of old Chóngqìng.”- the fusion of old and new will be the core theme of Chongqing for a very long time. It’s interesting that just rise your head and look up at the Spring Festival lighting decorations which spread everywhere, you can easily find this contrast.

Traditional Chinese elements:
Glimmering red lanterns

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Accidentally walk in an alien world?

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