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10th January 2018


1月4日下午,重慶市政府新聞辦、重慶市旅遊局聯合主辦的“山水之都 美麗重慶”重慶新春旅遊新聞發佈會在石柱舉行。今年新春期間,重慶各地推出豐富多彩的新春旅遊活動,將帶給重慶市民和外地遊客一個難忘的重慶年。

On January 4 afternoon, Information Office of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, Chongqing Tourism Administration jointly sponsored the "Chongqing, a beautiful city with mountains and rivers" - Chongqing Spring Tourism News Conference in Shizhu County. During the Spring Festival this year, Chongqing will introduce various colorful New Year tourism activities, aiming to bring citizens and foreign tourists an unforgettable Chongqing year.

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Year of folk custom

即日起至1月27日,北碚金刀峽:“豬羊鼎年味民俗文化活動”。 Beibei Jindao Gorge: Quadripod Pork and Mutton Year Atmosphere Folk Culture Activity Time: - January 27

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Tongliang: Folk Custom Pig Feast, Spring Festival Firework Night Gathering, Campfire Party, Huaiyuan Ancient Town New Year Stocking Festival, Spring Festival Temple Fair... in Qicai Mengyuan (Colorful Wonderland ) and Benny World... Time: - Spring Festival period

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1月底至元宵節,沙坪壩區磁器口舉行廟會及新春遊園活動。 Ciqikou Ancient Town: Temple fair, Spring Festival Garden Tour Time: Late January-Yuanxiao Festival (Lantern Festival)

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Year of culture


Liangping: “Celebrate Spring Festival·Appreciate Intangible Heritages”,“Laba Temple Fair Shuanggui Hall·Spring Festival Pray Lucky Spread”,“Time-honored Zhang’s Duck·Liangping New Year Stoking” Time: New Year’s Day-Spring Festival

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South Station West Square, Liangping woodblock New Year paintings inheritor will perform painting and calligraphy on-site, write couplets, donate window paper-cut, red laterns and lucky characteristic,“Fu”, for tourists. Time: January 8-January 18

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During the Spring Festival,there will also host light show, non-heritage exhibition, visitors can paste the New Year paintings, listen to gongs and drums, watch fire dragon dance, experiencing the rich intangible cultural heritage of Liangping .

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Chongqing Overseas Chinese Town Happy Valley will hold the "2018 Happy Valley Chongqing New Year Light Festival” combining traditional intangible cultural heritage with modern lighting technology and introducing the large-scale Zigong colorful lantern. Time: January 18 to March 10

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Year of ice and snow


Shizhu County: The First Shizhi Happy Ice and Snow Festival & Snowfield Make-up Run

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Wulong Fairy Mountain: “Fairy Mountain Dance Party”, thousands of Chongqing colleges students funny dance activity, “Creative Snowman Building”

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