Spring Falls on the Ground
Overlook Expansive Rapeseed Flowers

22th March 2018


Spring-Falls-on the-Ground-Overlook-Expansive-Rapeseed-Flowers-1

Recently, visitors can go hiking in Xiushan District, as the ten thousand mu rapeseed flowers in Longfeng(Dragon and Phoenix) Flower Sea Scenic Area have burst into blossom, covering the ground with golden carpet.


Spring-Falls-on the-Ground-Overlook-Expansive-Rapeseed-Flowers-2

This year, almost thirty thousand mu rapeseed flowers are planted in the scenic spot. Stand here and look around, all you can see is a world of golden.


Spring-Falls-on the-Ground-Overlook-Expansive-Rapeseed-Flowers-3

Spring-Falls-on the-Ground-Overlook-Expansive-Rapeseed-Flowers-4

The scenic area elaborately build a special sightseeing area about 60 mu with a painting of Longfeng Chengxiang(Dragon and phoenix present lucky omen)by interplanting wheat and rapeseed flowers.


Spring-Falls-on the-Ground-Overlook-Expansive-Rapeseed-Flowers-5

Nearby farmers also benefit from tourism development. The government encourages farmers to plant rape flowers through subsidies. Some farmers also run agritainment business for tourists during the peak season to further increase their income.


Photo from: Xinhua News

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