Street food outside universities in Chongqing

02th July 2018


Beautiful campus, lovely classmates, and the street food outside the school in particular, make the university life an unforgettable experience for everyone. You should try them, if you want to know about what real Chinese university students’ school life is like.

Xu’s Rice Noodle · Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications

This old restaurant has reconstructed many time in the past twenty years, Now it’s much better and cleaner. The only thing that remains unchanged is the delicious food. With real chilli and enough meat, spicy chicken rice noodles are many people’s favorite. Chicken soup rice noodles with light taste are quite popular. As a shop located near the entrance of the school, it attracts many students.


Address: Outside the main entrance of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2 Chongwen Road Average consumption per person: RMB 8

Sanwa Chuanchuanxiang Hot Pot · Chongqing University

Sanwa is a restaurant that has been open for over ten years. The always delicious food makes it the first choice for many students, even for those who have graduated. After the renovation, the shop looks brighter than before. Parsley beef, tender beef, braised beef... all kinds of beef are cut into large pieces and the taste is delicious and unique. The hotpot seasoning is spicy and savory. It tastes good as well.


Address: 31 Shazhong Road
Average consumption per person: RMB 41

Chibukui · Chongqing Normal University

Being located opposite the main entrance of the headquarters of Chongqing Normal University, Chibukui serves 24 hours a day and is perfect for night owls. The steamed bun with fresh and quali-ty meat is small in size. So if it’s not enough for you, a bowl of porridge is recommended. However, thanks to its small size, soup is completely locked in the bun, and the meat and sauce are very tasty. Compared with traditional small buns, it is very distinctive.


Address: Opposite the main entrance of Shapingba Chongqing Normal College
Average consumption per person: RMB 9

Zhiwei Crispy Chicken · Chongqing Technology and Business University

The crispy chicken of high quality and reasonable price is very popular among students of the Chongqing Technology and Business University. Even a small share is enough for two people, and the pots of two small shares could be combined. A lot of side dishes are made, and there are enough French fries. You are also welcome to enjoy the free sour plum soup. The key factor contributing to its success lies in its attractive price, with an average cost per person of about 30 RMB.


Address: 77-8 Huilong Road
Average consumption per person: RMB 30

Kanshang Tofu Pudding · Sichuan International Studies University 

Located at the back mountain of the school, this restaurant is a good choice for students to dine to-gether. Both the light and red soups are amazing. The food, including bean sprouts, pumpkin, mel-on, yams, enoki mushrooms, and offered by big pot and is good quality. The serving of sliced pork is even more than the jellied tofu pudding. The seasoning includes sauerkraut and the tender and chewy meat, which is immersed in red oil.


Address: Outside the Southwest Entrance of Sichuan International Studies University, West Jinxiu Road
Average consumption per person: RMB 19

Hu’s Pig-foot Soup · Sichuan Fine Arts Institute 

The pig-knuckle is suitable in size and is stewed soft. The pig-knuckle soup is very delicious. The meat of the pig-knuckle has been separated from its skin, but they have not been separated. The scent of the blended oil with hot pepper and pea sand is so enjoyable, not to mention its taste and how amazing it feels. It's the kind of feeling that can't be stopped when you eat the first bite. The best description for the soup is you’ll be deeply attracted by it after the first try.


Address: 5-1 Huangjueping Centre Street (next to China Construction Bank)
Average consumption per person: RMB 40

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