Stunning Winter View

Break Dull White With All Colors

6th January 2018



Some people call Tongliang a desolated city in winter; some complain they can’t find anything interesting here; others even say nothing colorful is visible. We don’t know where the rumors start, but certainly it’s built up on misconception. Winter Tongliang get nothing but stunning views with varieties of colors. Xuantian Lake waves under red orange sunset; gray white reeds beside the lake circle road is swinging softly; Gingkos in the park all wear golden suits; even the roadside is painted by all kinds of flowers...

Stunning Winter View-1Sakura(left) Lamei(Wintersweet)(right)

Stunning Winter View-2Red Mountain Fruit

Stunning Winter View-3Huaiyuan Ancient Town

Stunning Winter View-4People’s Park

Stunning Winter View-5Bailong Road

Stunning Winter View-6Fujiang River

Stunning Winter View-7Xuantian Lake


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