Sunflowers‖August is suitable for chasing sunlight

28th August 2018


Autumn has arrived, but the weather is still hot. Since August, sunflowers have been in full bloom in various regions of Chongqing. We will introduce some sunflower seas in the main urban areas of Chongqing for you.


Shapingba Fenghuang Flower Sea

The bright yellow sunflowers are always vigorous and attractive. It only takes an hour from the downtown to "Fenghuang Flower Sea " in Fenghuang Town. Enjoying a sunflower sea close to the main urban areas is a surprise. When seeing more than 100,000 sunflowers breathing freely in the sun, your may feel wonderful.

In addition to sunflower sea, there are continuous snapdragons and corn poppies. Embellished flowers and grass form an artistic picture. The distance is not far but the route is not straight, which is the geographical feature of Chongqing. It is recommended to play for about an hour.

Address: Huaman Dadi, Fenghuang Town, Shapingba District

Ticket fee: RMB 30

Shapingba Huatian Zhumeng


Is sunflower sea with an area of 1,000mu big enough? You can arrive there in half an hour and don’t need to pay a fee, so would you like to visit there and take some beautiful pictures? The flowers of Huatian Zhumeng are planted in batches. The first batch of flowers with an area of over 300mu has entered the blooming period, and the second batch of flowers will blossom around the National Day.

In addition to sunflowers, there are all kinds of life-like scarecrows and even more shapes you are unexpected, such as the prehistoric mammoth, the roaring tyrannosaurus rex, and the running horse.

Ticket fee: free

Garden Expo Park Wetland Flower Valley

Wetland Flower Valley is at the Chongqing Garden Expo Park near the mountains and by the water, and you can see beautiful scenes everywhere. The place has the art of garden architectural design and is a good site for appreciating with your eyes. Covering an area of 5,000 square meters, the sunflower has entered its blooming period. You can have a breath of fresh air while enjoying the scene over 20,000 sunflowers in the Wetland Flower Valley.

Address: Wetland Flower Valley, Chongqing Garden Expo Park, Yubei District

Ticket fee: RMB 20 per person, half price with student ID, and free for children under 1.2 meters

Jiulongpo Baishiyi

Sunflowers of Academy of Agricultural Sciences are unique among the flower bases, and it becomes a landscape naturally. Surrounded by many ornamental fruits and vegetables, it looks very beautiful. There are 25 varieties planted in the park, creating a sunflower maze with an area of about 500 square meters, which is quite interesting. You can come in the maze easily but come out difficultly.

Address: Modern Agricultural High-Tech Parks, Baishiyi, Jiulongpo District

Ticket fee: free

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