Terraced Field Hidden in Qijiang Laoying Mountains

24th August 2018


As the weather is getting friendlier in Chongqing, people in some places are preparing for golden autumn, which is the best season to enjoy terraced fields. The end of summer and the beginning of autumn are the best time to enjoy the multi-layer terraced fields.

Baiyunguan Terraced Field




Located at the foot of Laoying Mountain, the Baiyunguan Terraced Field in Baiyun Village is encircled by clouds and mountains. There is a Taoist temple in Laoying Mountain, lots of people gather there just for a spectacular view of the terraced fields.

The overlook of the terraced field below the mountain is breathtaking, with brick-houses scattered along the rice field. As the rice in the terraced fields has gradually grown up, it is really pleasant to see golden color among the multi-layer terraced fields.

Close your eyes and just imagine wandering in the waves of golden rice plants and feeling the gentle touch of cool autumn breeze, how wonderful it will be!




At the back of the Laoying Mountain, there is a reservoir called Fengyun Reservior, where is tranquil and environment-friendly. Lots of pine trees are standing around the reservoir, which seems to be the guardians of the crystal water. It is indeed a nice choice to camp there, or you can pay to stay at a homestay, which is also cost-effective for visitors.





Recommendation: ★★★★☆


Distance from the downtown: 120km


Self-driving: Yuqian Highway – Sanjiang Town – Shijiao Town

Bus: Take long-distance bus in Nanping Bus Station to Qijiang Bus Station, and then take the bus to Baiyunguan

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