The Beautiful Countryside in Chongqing that You Deserve to Visit

12th June 2018


The beauty of Chongqing lies not only in its metropolis, but also in its countryside. Except for tourist sites like Hongyadong and Liziba Station of Line 2, there are a lot of scenic areas in the countryside that deserve a visit. You may want to live in a place where there are ancient towns, pastoral sceneries like those in fairy tales, country roads winding up and down and huts built with grey tiles and white walls. Let us go ahead following our aerial views.


Overlooking part of Wulong Xiannv Mountain (武隆仙女山镇) at dawn, the barely visible farm huts seem to come from a fairyland.


The winding country road is like a silk belt, connecting distant mountains with the nearby farmland.


Gongtan Ancient Town (龚滩古镇), located at the intersection of the Wujiang and Apeng Rivers, is the starting point of the numerous landscapes along the course of Wujiang River.


Chiyou Jiulicheng in Pengshui County (彭水县蚩尤九黎城) is the largest traditional complex of Miao ethnicity in China and a center for displaying and inheriting the traditional culture of the Miao ethnicity.


Neat country houses, emerald farmland, crisscrossing cement roads all contribute to an attractive pastoral landscape painting.


Bizarre landscape at Longshui Canyon (龙水峡地缝) created by the superlative artisanship of nature.


Overlooking the Coldwater Fish Breeding Base in Yangcun Village, Taiyuan Town, Pengshui Autonomous County (彭水自治县太原镇阳村冷水鱼生态养殖基地). People from the village of Yangcun had higher income and a better life by breeding cold water fish at a nearby spring. The countryside is becoming more beautiful as industrious people work hard to live a life that is better and better.


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