The Biggest Forest Park in China Unveiled This Month

25th July 2018


One of the newest official scenic landmarks in China, it rivals the International Forest Park in Cape Town, South Africa and Is known as the “Kingdom of Rhododendrons”


Most importantly, it’s easy to reach: a 3-hour trip takes you to this stunning heaven 6 years in planning, it’s finally ready for the public grand opening. Just why is it the biggest park in China? It holds this honor due to having the largest Mountain-top plateau in Asia, with an 11 square km viewing platform on the top of the hill, it makes you feel the magnificence of the natural view.


Its spring has more than 108 mouths, and a series of 70 falls are scattered throughout this forest park, falling from a height of 1,040 meters. You can count the number of similar places in the world on your fingers.


What’s more
More than 460 species of wild animals and 3,900 different plants can be discovered in the “Kingdom of Rhododendrons”


It’s the best place for you to enjoy the amazing views year-round, especially the sunrise and starry sky.


Want to know more about it? There is a lake called Yanv Lake, which is surrounded by a group of mountains and lakes, and is definitely a destination for the curious traveler.

With 7 canyons, 18 peninsulas, and 24 various-shape wharfs in this unbelievable area, it’s a mysterious place where you can see shadows reflecting in the lake and is described as an idealized fusion between human and nature.



In addition to enjoying the view, you can visit the ancient tribe to see their lifestyle and taste the local foods, one of the tribe’s activities was added to the list of world heritage sites and, wandering this town, you can feel the history of this place.

Address. Hongya County ,Meishan city Shichuan

Ticket price: take the official one as final


2 buses are provided from Xinan Men bus station, which are 45.5 and 52.5 yuan, respectively

Self-driving: Chengdu-yaan- mount Zhougong-Wangyu ancient town-Mount Wawu


The living condition are not ideal for all travelers. We recommend you bring tents or go to the local farm stay located in Wang ping where you can try local foods, the price at the farm stay is about 100 Yuan.

Insider tips

1. We recommend you to bring a coat to avoid catching a cold at the scenic spot in summer due to the cool temperature there

2.Please be aware that the cable cars close at 17:00 and plan your day accordingly

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