The City Pathway Outdoor Image Exhibition Shows Characteristic Chongqing Impression

29th September 2018


An old man with a hen his right hand and a newspaper in his left hand is walking the streets.



A man is sitting against a wall with a dog standing on his knee which is right on the front of him.


On the wall of a nearby house that was not far away, there are some items piled up in a mess by a dilapidated wall, and an old man and a dogs sitting nearby.



An old lady is looking outside from a window which seems to be "opened" from the old world.



A girl in red standing in front of a courtyard of a teahouse is looking out at the roadway.



The Mountain City Pathway Outdoor Image Exhibition is held in Shancheng Lane, Nanjimen Street, Yuzhong District. As one of the series of activities of the 2018 Chongqing (International) Image Festival, the outdoor image exhibition of the Urban Space (Mountain City Pathway) has opened and was free to citizens and tourists until the end of the year.


Due to its unique architectural style and landscape, Shancheng Lane is listed as one of the city's key traditional area. The exhibition seems like embed into these old buildings, which is full of amusement and sense of the times, allowing visitors to feel the memory of the mountain city.


“The photos of exhibition use high-precision micro-spray art with waterproof papers and then put them on the surrounding buildings.” The exhibition was divided into four parts of “mountain walks through time and space”, the “Chinese people's day", the" mountain city joint exhibition" and "family photo album".


It is said that the exhibition is the work of Hefei photographer Liu Tao. The exhibition plans to select eight photographers from Guangzhou, Fuzhou and other places to use their photographs of their mother cities for joint exhibitions, including a German photographer's work of the 1990s’ Chongqing.


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