The Freshest Restaurant on the High street

27th July 2018




Shui Yue (水月) is tucked away in the Long Hu Jing Li Guan Mall (龙湖晶郦馆) – it’s a brisk 10 minute walk from Ran Jia Ba metro station (冉家坝地铁站) . The restaurant successfully combines attentive service with striking contemporary design (including a split mezzanine floor with a Japanese zen garden underneath). It has a lively atmosphere but with enough space of your own to feel intimate; a nicely judged take on contemporary without being too stark. There’s an extensive but well-designed menu that’s easy to order from (there are nice pictures).



The menu features excellent tempura and robatayaki (Japanese BBQ), but the real show is in the sushi and sashimi, prepared by chefs on the open sushi counter. One can linger at the sushi bar and watch in awe as the chefs demonstrate their impressive knife skills and slice the glossiest Bluefin tuna around. A cup of cold saké makes a great accompaniment. As for the drinks list there’s a noble selection of both saké and western wine. I opted for the house sake which was smooth but not as potent as the more established domestic Japanese brands.




The fresh sushi you can expect is not cheap, by any stretch, but it is of the highest quality (imported from as far as Japan, Denmark and Canada). Fresh being the operative word in that it’s not frozen vis-à-vis other restaurants in Chongqing. The owner–JoJo went out of her way to extol the freshness of their fishy fare–of which it is a unique selling point.




As for my order, the opening salvo was the ‘sashimi set’ which features excellent fatty Bluefin tuna served on a charcoal slab for maximum theatre. Whether you're there for a classy business do or a romantic dinner, I recommend indulging in the glistening sushi and sashimi platters until you can no longer move.

From classic salmon sushi to the more innovative ‘Darling Roll’ (fish roe and sticky rice rolled inside sliced salmon adorned with two chocolate ‘matchmaker’ sticks) the chef’s at Shui Yue pride themselves on creating the finest sushi. The ‘New Style Salmon Sashimi’ (half-baked) was also a joy.



The Avocado and Shrimp Salad with was lovely, but I found the spicy lemon dressing slightly tart and a little overpowering; perhaps the chef had been overly liberal when the dressing the salad. The Prawn Tempura was sublime, delicately juxtaposed with the soy dipping sauce. I could’ve eaten it all night, but I was informed that there were plenty more courses to come.


The hot course was the Michelin Star-inspired ‘Black Cod’ (Saiko Yaki), unassumingly yet gracefully accompanied with an orange relish dabbed onto the plate. The cod was flaky, to the point where I felt that all it took was one particularly vicious glance for it all to fall apart. It was light, fluffy and the caramelised skin danced on my taste buds.


Whilst holidaying in Japan, a local once told me that defining properly good sushi from the also-rans was a tricky business; the food was so very simple that difference could be measured in tiny percentage points. I understood what they meant. Making it is a job for obsessives and so is eating it. But when the good stuff comes along, you just know it. There are cheaper places to eat sushi in Chongqing, and there are noisier, hipper places too. But right now I honestly don't believe there is any better place.


Location: 4 Stars

Environment: 5 stars

Service: 5 Stars

Taste: 5 Stars

About the Writer - Tommy

Enthusiastic and exuberant with a zest for life. Enjoys food, good wine and even better company! Having first visited China in 2013, has travelled in almost every province of the country. A British born graduate with degrees in Politics and Law, currently working at Chongqing University. Spare time is spent training to become an airline pilot.







最熱門的菜是米其林星級“黑鱈魚”(Saiko Yaki),一種似乎不合理但十分優雅的搭配,與橙色的調味料相搭。鱈魚是極薄的,我覺得似乎有一道極鋒利的眼神,讓它分離成片。它十分輕薄鬆軟,焦糖味的魚皮直擊味蕾。



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