The Miraculous Life of the Dafo Temple in Tongnan

23th August 2018



Dafo Temple lies at the food of Dingming Mountain, the west of Tongnan District,Chongqing. Built in the Tang dynastic (843-860) and named “Nanchan Temple”, the Temple had three stories and a huge golden Buddha inside called “Gran Dingming Buddha”, which is still a best-persevered Buddha so far, and is universally known as one of the biggest Buddhas in the world.



The scenic area mainly consists of Dafo temple, Guanyin Temple, Yuhuang Temple and Jianting Pavilion, which are all made of wood with a lot of remains from the Qing Dynasty. The Dafo Temple was first designed with 5 eaves with glazed tiles at the roof, which was one of the earliest architectures that were built with glazed tiles. Standing in front of a river and leaning against Dingming Mountain ,the 33 meters Temple is said to be built solemnly with wooden materials, which can be a miracle in ancient time.



The Dafo Buddha inside the Temple is, as recorded, 8 feet high and named as “Jinxian”(Golden Buddha) due to its gilded outlook . With its body18.43 meters, head 4.3 meter and ear 2.74 meters, the grand statue is quite impressive and formidable. After restorations for several times, the Buddha is even said to be the biggest golden Buddha in China. And there is a saying that “For Buddha in China, Leshan got the biggest one and Tongnan had the most exquisite one”



At the back of the Dafo Temple, there is a huge and smooth cliff carved with Chinese inscriptions and peoms by ancient peots, as well as some wall paintings. The most eye-catching scnenery should be the carved character of “佛” ,meaning the essence of Buddha, in a hughe size of 8.85 meters in its length and 6.78 in its width, making the whole place more lofy and scared and divine.


Recommendation: ★★★★☆
Address: Tongnan Dafo Temple Scenic Spot, Tongnan District, Chongqing(重庆市潼南区潼南大佛寺景区)
Distance from the downtown: 109.84km
1.Take train in Chongqing North Railway Station to Tongnan Railway Station , and walk or take taxi to there
2.Take bus in Chongqing Longtousi Bus Station toTongnan from then either walk take a taxi to there

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