The parks with beautiful view which are hidden in the main city

27th September 2018


For chongqing people , there are some unpopular parks hidden throughout the city. Even though not so many people go to these parks, they have unique and beautiful scenery and are worth visiting. When we mentioned these parks , about 99% of Chongqing people may have never ever heard of them, not to mention know how to get there.

Jinshansi Park

People who have been there said its one of the most beautiful parks in Chongqing, but the location is not very good, situated next to the deserted subway station- Caojiawan. When you get out of the station, you will see the various kinds of colorful flowers are blooming around the mountains.

As for those who self-drive, you don’t need to worry about the parking issue, since it has not been known among others, but the view in the park is really beautiful, every pictures you take will be a masterpiece. Next to the park, there is also a wet land park with large areas of vervains.

Address: near Jinshansi Station in Yubei District
Transportation: take Line 6 and off at Jinshansi Station
Self-driving: Center city- Airport Road- Jinyu Avenue- Liren street- Jinshansi Park

Meiyin Sports dynamic Park

The Meiyin Sports dynamic Park has not been open long, it is a large urban park integrated with sport track, rich vegetation and beautiful scenery. In the park, there is a huge lawn in the park and at the center, a LOVE shape decoration has been put at the center, which is used as the background for photo shooting , the scenery along the way and the Observation decks on the top of the mountain also make the park extra beautiful.

All the year around, there are various of flowers which make visitors feel relaxed and at ease.

Also, walk along the park, you will find there is a red plastic runway has been put through out the whole park, which covers about 4 KM long, and there various vegetations have been planted on each sides. its the good place for exercising for adults and children.

Address: Jingwei Avenue, Jiulongpo District
Transportation: take Bus 873 or BRT and off near Meiyin Hegu.
Self-driving: Center city- Hutouyan Tunnel- Jingwei Avenue- Meiyin Sports dynamic Park

Xingfu (Happiness) Park

Perhaps Chongqing is a city that is used to building parks to a hillside shape. That’s what Xingfu park is like - built along the mountain. When wandering along it, you can enjoy the varied vegetation, there are places provided for you to rest, and if you wish, you can enjoy hiking in the mountains. In the park, there is an ocean of flowers all year around, which covers about 10,000 sq m.

Address: No. 17-40, Huafu Avenue North Section, Jiulongpo District
Transportation: take 427 or 482 and off near Xinfu Park.
Self-driving: Center city-Jingwei Avenue- Yingbin Avenue- Hualong Avenue- Xingfu (Happiness) Park

Yuelai Exhibition Center Park

When entering this park, all you can see is green “color”, which comes from the vegetations in the park. With the few small flowers mixed with this green makes it much more gorgeous and looks like a landscape painting.

The park is really big and gives people the feeling that they cant reach the end of this park, you can run wherever you want in the park, at the open area, you can find the purple flowers are planted. In addition, there is a splendid stone structure, but to our surpris, when entering it, you will find it turns out to be a bathroom in the park.

Address: intersection of International Expo Interchange and International Expo Avenue in Yubei
Transportation: take the rail transit Line 6 and get off at International Expo Center Station
Self-driving: Center city-Yulu Avenue- Airport Road-Jingxing Avenue- Yuelai Exhibition Center Park

Haishi Park

Its the karst landform park with many mysteries of earth , also the unique ocean rocks and exotic flowers and rare plants have been germinated from there. It has been said, the park is Shangri-La of Chongqing.

Its the place for those who want to discover the 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea, which are waiting for you to discover in the mysterious scenery.

Take pictures wherever in the park and you can get many masterpiece pictures.

Address: Nanjiadong, Zhongliang Town, Shapingba District
Transportation: take 523 or t009 and get off near Haishi Park.
Self-driving: Center city-Lanhai expressway- Chengyu ring road express way- Beijing Road- Haishi Park







美茵運動公園剛開放不久,是一座擁有健身步道、豐富植被,景色美不勝收的大型城市公園,現已經對市民開放。園裡有個超大的草坪,中間的LOVE造型裝置,很適合情侶拍照哦。沿途和山頂的觀景台也為公園的顏值增色不少。一年四季,公園裡會有各種小花,讓人心情愉悅。 公園內有條長近4公里的健身步道,鋪著紅色塑膠的步道很寬,貫穿整個公園。步道兩邊栽滿了綠植,非常適合帶著老人小孩來鍛煉。










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