The popular horse riding places in Chongqing

20th July 2018


Summer is the most beautiful season in grasslands during a year, because the air is good, vegetation coverage is high, and most importantly, the air is cool. There are some unknown grasslands hidden in deep mountains in Chongqing, while the beautiful scenery is enough to shock the soul.


Fairy Mountain GrassLand

How to get away from the heatstroke, the best place to go is Fairy Mountain in Wulong county, Here, the sky is blue and grass is green. It’s known as the mini Netherland in Chongqing.

Due to the size, for visitors, you can choose walking, riding horses or by mini train in Fairy Mountain.


Qianye GrassLand

Locted in shizhu County, with an altitude of 1000-1600 Meters. It’s one of the scenic spot in Huangshui Forest Park. Entering there, you can smell the scent of vegetations.

Also, you can choose to capping there in the evening, which gives you the magnificent natural view and the fresh air to breathe. Also you can taste the local food there.


Huang’an Bai Grassland

With an total area about 30,600 acres. The undulating hills on a broad grassland looks like Mongolian yurt, which gives you the feeling in Inner Mongolian Grasskand.

Besides this, there is a camping base for people who are fond of it, you can experience the the life of the pastoral nomadic people. And in the evening, it’s perfect for bonfire.


Wuxi Daguan Mountain Grassland

If you are looking for a natural paradise to return to nature, Wuxi Daguan Mountain is your best choice. There are few people in this area. The primitive state as well as the ancient trees and vast grasslands are everywhere. If you want to escape from the crowd and return to the fields, here with dense primitive forests and vast mountain meadow is definitely a good choice.


Chengkou Jiuchong Mountain Wolong Grassland

Jiuchong Mountain nestles in the Daba Mountains. There are flowers and grass everywhere in the grassland. The scenery is vast and boundless and natural entertainment is full of vigor. Here, the sky is blue and grass is green. You can ride and spur the horse to run in the grass. In addition, the Jiuchong Mountain also has a magnificent waterfall, an icy mountain cave, and tourists can see the sunrise and appreciate the strange moist.


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