The Purest Scenery in the Virgin Land of Congping Grassland

13th August 2018


It is one of the wetland grassland in mountain areas
It is a pure land in the Three Gorges reservoir area
It is an intact virgin land in Wushan
The Congping Grassland, Wu Shan


Congping Grassland, Wu Shan
The intact Grassland locates Dangyang Gaoping Village, northeast of Wushan County. Closed to the Shennongjia forestry district in Hubei Province, it has an altitude of more than 2000m and an average temperature of 22 ℃ in summer.


Many hikers called it intact virgin land due to its original landscape. There are various herbs and flowers as well as 8 animal species such as golden monkey and leopard at the first national protection.


Lying on the grassland, you would have a feeling that you were on the prairie of Inner Mongolia, with boundless grassland beneath your feet and white clouds above sky and woods of dark green in the distance.


Distance: 500km
Route: Downtown – Wanzhou Highway – G42Hurong Highway – Wushan County – Congping Grassland

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